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Have you ever hated someone so much that you just wanted to tell the whole world how much you hate them? Well, meet Gregory James Daniel, also known as Onision. Okay, how has no one made a thread about this asshole yet? I mean, my god. I think the first time I ever heard about this guy was while browsing Know Your Meme. He is an atheist vegan who outright states that he hates the bible and everything in it. And when people get offended, this is how he responds:

That's right, he antagonizes every single last religious person for believing what they want. And that is not all.

He demonizes meat eaters like they are all child-molesting nazi vampires who murder puppies. Now, I am not for the unnecessary cruelty to animals, but animals are meant to eat animals. Yes, eating too much meat can be unhealthy, but most people have a balanced diet.

Oision is an absolute dickwad in real life. Here is him criticizing a fan for having suicidal thoughts because of their abusive mother:

He keeps saying that it is her fault for having these thoughts, like he is some messiah/psychiatrist. What doesn't help is that he is forming a cross in the thumbnail like he believes he is a god. This guy pisses me off to literally no end. He is that just that one guy that you love to hate.

Oh, and here is his Encyclopedia Dramatica page.


Regarding Onision's name, his marriage history and name changes are so frequent that it's reasonable suspect he is trying to hide his history. Here is a list of every possible permutation of his name.

Gregory James Daniel
Gregory James Jackson
Gregory James Avaroe
Gregory Daniel
Gregory Jackson
Gregory Avaroe
James Gregory Jackson
James Greg Jackson
James Jackson
James Gregory Avaroe
James Greg Avaroe
James Avaroe
Greg James Daniel
Greg James Jackson
Greg James Avaroe
Greg Daniel
Greg Jackson
Greg Avaroe

Taylor Elaine Anderson
Taylor Elaine Avaroe
Taylor Elaine Jackson
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Avaroe
Taylor Jackson
Lainey Avaroe
Lainey Jackson
Kai Jackson

Gig Harbor
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Oh god. I remember him. I was subscribed to him briefly because he must have made a video I thought was funny. It didn't last though and I unsubbed pretty quickly after. Everything he does is annoying, elitist, douchey, or just kind of creepy. Like his fondness for dating teenage girls, or at least girls who are much younger than him.

Batman VS Tony Danza

The Eternal Struggle
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He left a turtle under a plastic container on a hot sunny day and it died. The worst part is he tried to blame everything but himself. I also remember some weird video where he was arguing with this teenage girlfriend who was dealing with cancer and the genius decided to record part of it as she cried and then uploaded it to youtube. I think he claimed he was doing it as proof that he didn't beat her or something? I don't know. Shit just looked crazy. He's another person on the internet who is constantly in some kind of drama.

VJ 343

I remember following this guy's drama for a little while. He was once in a relationship with a girl called Shiloh and they had some of the most disgusting attention whoring behavior out there (including faking a miscarriage and some kind of memory loss).

I'll just leave this here, if you want to see some of the bizarre in action.



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A militant atheist vegetarian?
This is just too good to be true.

Cuddlebug said:
Onision could easily be a lolcow but he's well known for completely ignoring criticism entirely, he also has a rabid fanbase of devoted 13 year old girls that watch him. So I doubt anything at this point will phase him apart from a criminal suit like his ex girlfriend tried to file.

Why would 13 year old girls be his fan base? What's the appeal?

TL 611

Oh Onision, I remember before all of this insanity...

I used to watch his videos a lot as a kid, when he mainly used the name to release techno songs or some shit. He used to be so different, short hair, quite conservative, blah blah blah, and I dunno he suddenly went weird. He then starting using these strawmen emo characters for all of his criticisms and shit, got super bizarre super quick.

His veganism is something that has escalated over the years, it was originally a personal choice over some shit (I think he lived in Korea for a bit? This was years ago), then he made a preachy vegan channel, then his forum practically required you to be vegan to join.


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Oh...I remember this nut. I watch a few ranters on Youtube who like to tear him a new one for the stupid stuff he does, like giving out life advice. It goes something around the lines like this:

Onision: "Dear Onision, I've been very depressed and my life and have had suicidal thoughts in the past, can you think of any tips to help me?"
*Jump cuts to him running around and making random noises because 'lulsorandomXD'*
Onision: Uhh well I'm sorry to hear that but if you're so depressed I guess you should kill yourself.

I don't think I've seen anyone have such apathy towards their fans before, while being such a Richard to everyone else in his life at the same time.


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Ok so accidentally killing his turtle, although tragic, was merely stupid. Then he cooked and ate it? A militant vegan? (This happened last year).

Then there's his cult. From Facebook:

The reason Sicesca was started is because God spoke to me directly, and told me to start the religion. Sicescans just get it, we just know things, and do things in a more efficient way than others.

All other religions (thousands of them I know) are an insult to the true God, that which is only represented accurately in Sicesca.

If you wish to worship perfection, well, you could worship me, but that's not what I mean... than worship God, the God of Sicesca.

A militant atheist? *sigh*


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Why would 13 year old girls be his fan base? What's the appeal?
Because he has random access humor? Looking handsome (at least in the eyes of his 13 year old fanbase. His thumbnail for the "Bible is Garbage" video kinda reminds me of Tommy Wiseau.)?Only thing I know of this guy's videos was his "I'm a banana" video. I think he may of also spoken against circumcision but I wouldn't want to proceed with that if it could cause a flame war and what not.

Then there's his cult. From Facebook:

A militant atheist? *sigh*
Would the words "militant egotist" or "cult leader" be more fitting for that instead of the word "atheist"?


From some place even higher
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Ah yes, this asshole. I remember Repezion having quite the ragefest over Onison several years back. I decided to watch some of his videos after that, and really didn't get why this guy was so popular. And if memory serves me correctly, he was also on an episode of Judge Judy when he divorced Shiloh (I think).
Trying to Google that, he apparently did try to contact Judge Judy thanks to a YouTube video. Unfortunately, I don't think the episode of that case is on Youtube but then again, I don't know if said case was recorded or even pushed through.


normie moralfag
Whoa whoa whoa, he ate his turtle?! Where did you get this from?

ED also quotes him "At least Reptar tasted delicious" with the comment "When he rejoiced over eating meat" without further explanation.

Would the words "militant egotist" or "cult leader" be more fitting for that instead of the word "atheist"?

Yeah do you count as an atheist if you don't believe in any god .. except yourself?
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A bang friend from 2010 watched his stuff. His "humor," and I use that term very loosely, is mainly derived from him acting like a dipshit and shouting things.
From what I can tell, this ephebophile (he loves testing the age of consent laws) has quieted down recently. I mostly remember the banana video. I lost IQ points watching that shit.

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