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What should be done with white knights?

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Davys Grey
I'm gonna have to give a big fat X to doubt on that screenshot. I don't use instagram, but does deleting your own message in a DM hide it from the other person? Also why would she wait to take a screenshot until after he deleted it? I know Greg is stupid but surely he can't be so stupid he'd send an unsolicited DM to a 16 year old while he's being so heavily watched.
You can definitely unsend a message on Instagram. Pretty sure no one can see it if you do so. I think it has to be before the person sees it in the app. You still get the notification for it saying what it is, but the message itself should be gone on the app.


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Anyone want a youtube plaque?

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He's almost (?) erased Taylor/Laineybot, all that's left is Kai the predator. This feels like a nail in the coffin.


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I don't think Chris is naive and has no idea what kind of people are on his team. First Vince, and also a predator, I think Chris is fully aware and just doesn't care (Especially since now he hides Vince to make himself look better, but hasn't actually fired him). Which makes it more obvious to me he's here for the money and nothing else.
I'm starting to think of all the irrelevant youtubers to latch themselves to Onision for money and popularity, Chris may just be the most prolific and not much else.
Way late, but there's an obvious reason he's using these shady, disgraced characters on his team and why he doesn't really fucking care.


he doesn't have to pay the bottom-of-the-barrell, nearly unemployable shmucks half as much. and, bonus, their motives and morals are clearly already questionable and they've proven themselves to be willing to make nonsensical lies/held out with their detractors.
They're probably easier to manipulate because they're fucking mong enough to get caught up so easily.

did we really think he wanted Johnny Ex-Law on his side, with stellar reviews a high price tag and a moral rod up their ass?
Ya boi wants to line his pockets not theirs.


bro, he really said that chris hansen is stalking him. he literally sounds like a toddler when he was describing why chris wanted to talk to him.
"Why is he stalking you?"
"There was a girl and she was crazy and I didn't wanna be her friend and so she told this mean bully I'm a bad guy!"

You can tell how hard he was struggling to word that to come off as not a scumbag.

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The best is when she asks why Hansen is "stalking him" he takes forever. Nyou can hear the wheels turning on what to say that doesnt make him sound bad and to avoid saying "pedo". "Uh...there was a girl with bpd and she told him I said mean stuff"

Bonus for "my name isn't even Greg". Goes to show he thought that could be an excuse.