Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan with deformed dick, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser, Served the wrong Chris Hansen.


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I'm waiting for the day he tries to pull that shit with the courts. "Well actually it says here Gregory James Avaroe was ordered to pay and fix the wetlands but my name is James Gregory Jackson, so it doesn't apply to me and this is a false arrest and you can't fine me."

It's going to be very satisfying to watch that smug grin slip off his face when the judge tells him that his name doesn't matter, because the social security number attached to him is permanent and legally records him as the same person, no matter how many times he shuffled his names around.


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Wow, you really are a fucking moron. Absolutely braindead. I almost wanted to formulate a response, but after reading these I know that nothing anyone could say would ever get through the 2 inch think layer of shit that surrounds your brain.

Go ahead and worship at the altar of your failed TV news personality and wait patiently for the FBI that never comes. Don't bother to reply. It might require you to think. Just let old Chris and Vincent do that for you.

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Gotta say, Chris really has good timing: just when he noticed his interviews were not gaining that much traction anymore, he chose to follow the Take a Sit with Chris Hansen route and show up there, giving us fresh, interesting content!

Also, his scared, trembling voice made me cackle like the witch that I am. He always paints himself as a brave, strong man who fears no one, and yet when this (dashing) man in his sixties knocks at his door, he sounds like a kid who had a nightmare and ran to mommy.



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The anti-os are the exact kind of sjw audience you don't want to have on a case like this. They want to one-up each other with how woke they are, so they'll "call out" an alleged rapist and abusive pedophile, but still make sure they don't offend anyone by misgendering them

This is a pretty mentally deficient post. Before I say why I will say that I agree that the people who want everyone to know just how bad and evil chris is are also mentally deficient.

People don't avoid misgendering people to "show how woke they are" it's just something they believe in. regardless of whether you do or not is irrelevant, by this logic having any view ever is just flaunting your virtue into whatever direction it is supported by.

Having restraint when talking about a cow and not acting like a spaz is a good thing, the opposite is someone going full angery and ranting about how they're worse than stalin mussolini and hitler combined.

Think of how often people link to the Farms from Twitter/Tumblr/etc, they usually preface it by warning people we're all racist nazis who dox everyone and literally murder trans people

That's a pretty fair warning, a lot of people here are racists and some are nazis so I think it makes perfect sense that the non racists/nazis you're linking to it with know what they're looking at before clicking.

It's all about making themselves feel like they're superior.

Pot calling the kettle black here , this post is you yourself trying to feel superior to them.


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Wow I haven’t been around here lately, but I recently caught myself up and boy am I glad. That fucking phone call. When he says his name. Fuck. “It’s uhm—it’s Chris Hansen.”

But then I got annoyed. This fuck nut. While I’m sure gig harbor isn’t a hot bed of crime and accidents, he’s still fucking tying up police resources with his bullshit. The way he describes the scenario as he’s being stalked by some crazy who is so crazy he’s calling him by the wrong name, and how his entitled ass calls back to complain because the police aren’t there fast enough? He makes me mad on the internet. Of course he wouldn’t use the line for non-emergencies. Why would he? Someone made the pissbaby feel uncomfortable, the biggest crime that Grime can imagine. Well, y’know. Besides smoking pot.

Then, knowing the cops showed up and merely took a report rather than forcing Chris and crew to leave? Oh to be one of the thousand flies on their shit-caked walls that evening. No way Greg wasn’t big mad. He went from “I’m so threatened by these six men in my driveway, oh they’re yelling through the door and they’re friends of a mentally unstable teenager—they could be capable of anything! Anything except getting my name right!” to poorly-veiled annoyance in his callback, real fuckin’ quick. Wish we could have gotten a time stamp on his original call, and the call back. How long do we think he waited? Five minutes? Ten?

Multiple twitter videos have shown that it was 8 minutes from the end of the first call to Onion calling back.
Of course Onision has such a sense of entitlement that he thinks 8 minutes is too long a response time.

Granted, this was downtown in a city, but when I worked security for a train station it would typically take an hour for the city police to show up for actual crimes that we arrested people for.

i also noticed he was struggling to say sarah's age and he kept on trying to make a decision at first he was '18... no around 19? yea, a 19 year old girl who i didn't want to hang out with anymore.'

Just how much he stressed her age being over 18 was an odd thing. Most folks, well those who aren't afraid of getting caught being nonces or having Chris Hansen knocking on their door, would have just said 'an ex'. Plain and simple. The dispatch person no doubt picked up on the shadiness.

Also, doesn't he have guns in his home, as per the police report from the wellness check? Either he got rid of them, or he just lied about having weapons to a dispatch.

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What about a TV guy who gets a fat middle aged woman to convince middle aged men in chat rooms to come out to a sting house with a bag full of chips and Boone's Farm Raspberry cider under their arm at exactly 4pm in the afternoon with a truckload of cops hiding in the bushes outside? Hansen is reality TV. He sets up fun TV show take downs. He isn't a journalist. He just hides behind the curtains until the director cues him to come out and deliver his line "have a seat."

He worked as an investigative reporter for NBC for like thirty years. What more does he need to do to qualify as a journalist?

Wikipedia said:
Hansen's notable work for Dateline includes coverage of the Columbine massacre, the Oklahoma City terrorist attack, the Unabomber and the TWA Flight 800 disaster; as well as investigative reports on Indian child slave labor and on counterfeit prescription drug sales in China. Hansen was responsible for most of Dateline's coverage of the September 11 attacks, as well as stories on terrorist groups and the operations of Al-Qaeda. He also exposed how a group linked to Osama Bin Laden had tried to buy missiles and nuclear weapons components, and he also worked on an exclusive report detailing an attempted 1994 terrorist attack in France. His series on the lack of security at airports resulted in the FAA opening an investigation and ultimately revising its policies.
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Found this video of Mike Morse talking about the trip to Old Greg's doorstep. Pardon my derpy ass, been trying to figure out how to embed/archive it and can't seem to figure it out.

Essentially, he was with Chris to make sure everything was smooth and legal and all that. Turns out the police were super nice and professional with him and Chris, and we're huge fans of Chris as well as not at all surprised he was there... and I am dying of laughter at the thought of Greggy standing in the window, potentially seething that the police likely did fuck all to Chris Hansen.


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Turns out the police were super nice and professional with him and Chris, and we're huge fans of Chris as well as not at all surprised he was there... and I am dying of laughter at the thought of Greggy standing in the window, potentially seething that the police likely did fuck all to Chris Hansen.

>call police to get rid of Chris Hansen on your doorstep
>police arrive
>Chris Hansen gives the police his autograph and offers selfies

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Guess it’s time to start booking that hotel again, huh Greg?



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