Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan Douchebag, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser.

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That hoe next door
I'm not the most honest man in the world, but I feel like I'd kill myself before I started selling pictures of my feet online like that.
Saying this the nicest way I can, but honey no one cares, this thread isn't about you. Don't want to end up like @LagoonaBlue. If you need to tell anyone else you are better than any lolcow you probably aren't. Read our rules please. :shit-eating:

Back on topic, Onion has to respond to this latest video, he must let us all know how totally not mad he is about this, maybe squeeze in some empty legal threats, maybe sperg out like he did at Shane and challenge Chris to boxing :story:


Holy shit guys...
We've all been had!
This 6D chess master has been having us all along!
Every single thing that's horrible for Grug has been nothing but a lie, how dare us for believing his lies, for believing his entertainment.
Also he white knights for r.a.p.e. victims and that you shouldn't tell people how to deal with it if you've never been a victim(Like Grug?)
Why, if he hasn't been a victim goes on for minutes in this video about what to do and how to feel, etc,.
Literally not listening to what he just said about not talking about it.
This entire video seemed almost telling in a way as he's almost trying to now act like the advocate again and be the big man to dash away all the shit Chris Hansen has been doing.
Either that, or he's just mocking us, Chris, and his own victims at this point.
I'm willing to believe the latter to be honest.

Also question: What's with the 3D model shit? The "hi" video made me wanna throw up from the camera floating around the open 3D space.

Repzilla is a lolcow. Primirk and TRO made videos about him.
Oh, I'm very much aware. There's a reason I said "morbid curiosity" lol. I like Primink's content, so I saw it the same day he posted it.

I wasn't home when Chris uplaoded his latest update video, so I just got to sit and watch it. The fact that the sheriff was a fan of Chris' caused my sides to blast off into orbit, lol. Just imagine the conversation he had with his significant other after he got home from work:

SO: "Hi, sweety! How was work?"
Sheriff: "You're not going to believe this, but I met Chris Hansen today! I even got his autograph!"
SO: *surprised* Really? How'd that happen?"
Sheriff: "Remember that YouTube idiot I mentioned about a month ago? Well, he called us because, get this, he claimed Chris was stalking him!"
SO: *beat* "What."
Sheriff: "No, seriously! Chris Hansen was was knocking on his door when we got there!"
SO: "... He... He DOES know the reason Chris usually goes after people, right? It's what he's known for."
Sheriff: "Yeah... Thing is, this guy, he's... Well, he's kind of a dumbass..."

Tard Repository

Pee your pants about it, nerds.
You say that but literally who the fuck would even hire this dip

His name is all over the internet for tens of thousands of dollars in wetlands damage, being an unstable douchebag, videos of him freaking out constantly, as well as articles about and video evidence of him abusing women

and on top of that Chris "Handsome Lad" Hanson is hunting this dude down publicly for being a pedo

Would YOU hire a guy like this? I'd sooner hire Darksydephil if you ask me.
I was talking about whether or not he even wants to find one in the first place. His internet footprint is irrelevant if he's too waterheaded to accept the fact that his internet career is over and now needs to somehow find a regular 9-5.

Which BTW, there are some boomer employers out there still who hire legit crackheads, nonetheless pedos. He'll find one.

Davys Grey
Maybe a little unrelated but how true is the stereotype that pedos and child killers get treated the worst by other inmates in prison? Like, how miserable could Gag potentially be when he gets in jail? Maybe his dream of coming from a broken past filled with abusive sexual predators overpowering him will finally come true.
Very very very true. If they are let into General Population and people know about what they did, they will get killed or severely beaten. Have know many people that got extended sentences and shit due to beating and/or killing pedophiles, women rapists, and child molesters/killers. It's not something they take lightly. You're basically the scum of the scum.

Greg will have a lot of fucking fun if they let him into gen pop.

He thinks he's an actual badass superhuman who can take out 5 guys all on his own without as much as breaking a nail, I'd honestly love it if he actually believed this and tried to stir shit up in prison thinking he'd come out the victor.
Nah, I don't think he'll try that. As evidenced by the Hansen video, he's a cowardly little bitch who will probably stay attached to his bunk bed and keep his head down.

I reckoned a while back that he'd end up running his mouth and losing a few teeth in prison but now I don't think he'll even do that.

sad cowboy cat

I got spurrs that jingle jangle jingle
Maybe a little unrelated but how true is the stereotype that pedos and child killers get treated the worst by other inmates in prison? Like, how miserable could Gag potentially be when he gets in jail? Maybe his dream of coming from a broken past filled with abusive sexual predators overpowering him will finally come true.


I'm starting to wonder whether people know what an investigative journalist is.

How do you think Snowden's crusade ended up being spearheaded in that hotel room; one of the most monumental whistleblowing operations of all time with those reporters? They were out there, and he could trust them, and they did some seriously illegal shit for the greater good. I am in no way comparing those reporters to Hansen, simply illustrating what goes into breaking stories and being the one to go to. Hansen is the most famous face when it comes to reporting on and catching paedophiles and sexual predators. This story needed him and he's chasing it the fuck down.

Making money off fucked up shit is at it's root, self serving. Getting famous exposing fucked up shit is self serving. But he cares about this subject and for me, it's all that matters, and the whole 'exposing' of him is getting super autistic. Vince is a faggot with a God complex, the lawyer apparently touched some tiddies, and Chris is also flawed like every other human on Earth.

He's not a saint, was never a saint. He's an old divorced felon who indirectly contributed to a man shooting himself in the head. He's not your knight in shining armour. He is simply a journalist. And those beating this subject to death on YouTube are now making money off suffering, and a divorced, felon journalist who's career went down the pan for a while. They're all one in the same.

Nobody is the hero here. But at least Onision won't have the chance to groom and abuse young girls again sometime soon. Hansen is a good journalist. The way he treats the people he interviews is very sensitive and caring. The way he treated Billie especially, who was obviously terrified and extremely fragile was fantastic.
Chris Hansen isn't a felon. Those charges didn't even stick. Everything was dismissed quickly.



Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
True & Honest Fan
Let me just state the obvious, Chris is not working with the FBI nor does he have any inside info on a investigation into Onion. Hansen is just insinuating there is a FBI investigation because he’s desperate and needs ppl to keep watching.

I’d say at most he and Vince reported all their “findings” or info to a local FBI office, or emailed them, which they’ve now milked to death as if there is an open investigation and they know anything about it. (At best the FBI opened a file, not an investigation.)

Local or county sheriff’s would probably work with Hansen because they love some fame and attention. Hansen still has enough lingering fame that some good old boys would play ball. But the FBI? No, they would have told Chris to fuck off even when he had NBC production power behind him. The FBI hates media and will get ass reamed by superiors if they leak anything to the media.

The FBI is famous for being tight lipped and uncooperative even with other law enforcement agencies ffs, never mind a old journalist doing a third rate YT show with a sped. The FBI hasn’t said boo to Hansen about any investigation, they are simply vacuums that will take any info proffered to them and say thanks.

Then you have the fact that sending one female sending another a lewd frontal shot is far from a federal case, nor is naive teen girls willingly going to the swamp shack because they are in love. The FBI deals with 13 and 14 year olds being forcibly prostituted in cheap hotel rooms in rotating cities and advertised online. They deal with real child porn, like videos of six year olds being raped.

The FBI isn’t going to care about Onion. The most I could ever see happening is a Seattle detachment agent being sent out to interview him and it ends there. Seattle, the FBI detachment that handled the Green River Killer case, and never leaked to the media about that investigation for fifteen fucking years.

CPS should be the agency involved with Onion and his grooming. The fact that he was the legal guardian of one victim should be investigated and so should any of the parents who are so checked out they let their teen girls go stay with the creep.
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bag o' bones
A more common occurrence is extortion from one of the many gangs/groups. That is misery.
Often they will force you to get a prison work detail job so you can pay them to not kick your ass.
or suck dick to stay alive
something tells me with them mantiddies he's sporting, and his uwu fem vegetarian body, that's his fate.

edit to avoid dp:

To the post above, some of those points are fair but you forget about the forums.

There are new laws in place to hold websites accountable, mostly for things like human trafficking. That's why backpage went down.
One could argue he's been trafficking underage girls to his home when considering most if not all were forum members, posting their photos all over it (even if he didn't use the website to contact them per se)
And he was apparently aware of illicit behavior, people under 13 accessing his forum, etc.

Not saying it's perfect but it is questionable.
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Middle-aged Meltdown
Also he white knights for r.a.p.e. victims and that you shouldn't tell people how to deal with it if you've never been a victim(Like Grug?)
Why, if he hasn't been a victim goes on for minutes in this video about what to do and how to feel, etc,.
What is Grugly's weird obsession with r.a.p.e? He made a website for dealing with sexual assault way before he became Youtube famous.
I suspect he gets off on it. When he was with Shiloh he watched a lot of hentai where chrs were violated against their will . Vomit.
Also, what happened to his 'Sarah r.a.p.e.d me!' sperg out? He can't keep his lies straight at this point.

Grugly's Weird Ra.p.e. Prevention Site from 2004
Apparently Sarah r.a.p.e.d Grugly & Foot. Riiiiight.


I got friends in Eldaron places
Greg's being boring again. The only interesting point was Hansen showing up at the shack, well not that part, the Greg calling 911 part. Just imagine being the dispatcher and some dude tells you Chris fuckin' Hansen is at their door. I'd just tell them to have a seat.
Special autist points to Greg for saying "He's calling me Greg, that's not even my name".

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