Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan with deformed dick, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser, Served the wrong Chris Hansen.

What should be done with white knights?

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  • Purge white knights to discourage socks

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  • Make a dedicated Onision white Knight thread

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"I don't care about any of the bad shit"

But the bad shit is why Onison is interesting in the first place :heart-empty:
Which really begs the question. What is GOOD about Onision? He was busy fapping to hentai while his 2 year old fell two stories out of his house. That says everything you need to know right there. This is going to be a trash fire. Dick better make sure he doesn't burn himself but if he is looking to white wash this POS I wont hold my breath.

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Tamara the dog fucker is modding the live chat. What a fucking coincidence. He chimps out on the reporter, making him unable to say a single word to him. Now, he is back to begging Chris to join his stream. He's gone completely autistic.

Some Bimbo fan: "Chris charges money to skype call him."

Craig: "...I-I also charge people to skype call too... heh heh."

Edit: So, Craig uploaded two videos before the live and he's wearing a gray latex suit. WTF. I can't seem to archive the live, so I'll let someone handle that I got it..

"This is Important" - calling Chris a fraud again.


Live with Newsweek.
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Ralph is such a pussy.
Onision makes vague points and he just accepts it without even asking for more information.

Him and Dick are gonna get butchered by the anti O army.

EDIT: Dick said "you must have thought about Sarah fucking your wife before she was 18. Makes it forbidden."

Kinda sounds like Dick's trying to incriminate him...

He did what Jeff Holiday did to him during the Joy Sparkle BS stream moderating back in the day. The old waiting til the end to start insulting someone. Does Gurg not realise it makes him look ridiculous ?

Also the old "victims stay quiet" but yet Gurg doesn't shut up about he and Foot being rape victims?