Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan with deformed dick, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser, Served the wrong Chris Hansen.

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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
He’s way too old and unattractive for it. Someone with Greg‘s looks is only going to make it in fetish stuff and even then not a lot. The only reason his onlyfans made in any money is because of the has-been YouTube celebrity novelty. He’s shown the goods, his pictures and videos are boring, and I can’t stress this enough he’s extremely unattractive. He's flabby, pale, poorly shaven with ingrown hairs and zits. His penis on the small size and while ppp may be normal his are so numerous and off putting that I’m not sure it isn’t hpv or some other disease. That’s without going into how deformed his dick looks after he uses a pump to make for his lack of natural length and girth. Then you have that misshapen Hank Hill ass that is also covered in zits.
It’s just a train wreck all around. There’s no market for ugly, fat middle age men in porn unless it’s disgusting fetish stuff.
You underestimate the power of the perversion that is the internet my friend. The porncows thread is living proof of that


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who the fuck is he thanking?
No one. It's all part of his softboi male pornstar persona. If you look at Greg's behaviour over the last decade, he's never once shown a modicum of sincere gratitude for anyone or anything in his life. Any gratitude he ever expressed when viewed within the context of his actions was always a manipulation tactic.


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That is an ugly friggin' dick. Suits the owner. Thinking back to some of those that I've been exposed to/handled, this'd definitely be on the lower end of the tier list. Definitely below the chode autistic dong I was dating for a while. Least that thing was borderline cute.

Moving on from my absolutely haram comparisons.

The best thing about the reveal are his teeny tiny balls. Adorable little things. He can brag about length, brag about his vegetarian boh-day as much as he wants, but if your bollocks are more akin to an empty ball of chicken skin, you ain't shit. Bet he cums like a leaky faucet.

What's interesting is that there is a debated link between small testicle size having a higher chance to contribute more nurturing roles within males. This is still up for debate though so don't take it as gospel. May have some possible link between Greg and his affinity for aiming for younger partners? I dunno, food for thought I guess.

Repzion just angers me the moment I hear him begin to stammer his way through incorrectly phrased idioms and mispronounced words. I've never found his content to be any good and he's just about the worst at delivering his commentary.

Did y'all hear him stammer like a bitch-boy cuck as he cowered to Keeemstar in that live they did on Edwin's channel? So embarrassing. Keem "accused" Repzion of saying that Greg is going to go to jail and Repzion whined in the most childish, effeminate tone that he DID NOT!!!!! say that. You could hear the beta in his voice. It was so pathetic. I can't say this with certainty, but I absolutely believe that Repzion has stated that Greg could be arrested at some point in his bajillion videos on Greg. Why not own it? Simply saying Greg will go to jail has become this dirty word to these faggot commentary channels. Looking at you, Creepshow. If they would do any fucking research, they'd see that FBI investigations typically end in prosecution. And once they're prosecuted, the conviction rate is 95% or so. Imprisonment is around 85%.

Repzion recently did a clearly thrown together shit video on Greg's OF for no other reason than an obvious attempt to get sponsor bux. He talked all kinds of shit about Greg having one and the type of content he uploads. And then like the weasely, unprincipled slime that he is, shilled his own OF. Only he tried to sneak it in at the very end of the video, cause he's a pussy.

Now to the horror show that is Greg's mangled meat stick, I've seen people going back and forth as to whether he's cut or not and I really couldn't fucking tell. I've been up all night on a rare Adderall bender so I'm not in the right headspace to give it even a second of a glance. I do think he's been using choice angles to try and elongate it, and I'm sure pretty much anyone can pick up on that. Otherwise, he'd simply take regular pictures of it instead of weirdly yanking it every-which-way while also using angles that look straight up inconvenient and stupid.

I can't imagine being the owner of that monstrosity and feeling good enough about it and all of its objectively horrendous misfortune to actually post it online. But then I remember that Greg has on numerous occasions made side-by-side comparisons of his own picture next to Ian Somerhalder's, always with a caption about how eVerYoNe sAyS wE lOoK tHe sAmE. So he probably doesn't see his dick accurately, kinda like body dysmorphia.

I'll end this by acknowledging the picture where the circumference of Greg's thumb and index finger is larger than that of his horror-needle.

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Anyone know if Blasian has social media or anything? I would love to see if she’s said anything about him banning her. Maybe she’ll join us....oh btw hi I’m a newfag

ALSO: I considered making a new thread for Rep please help me out og kf users. Should I make a new one or use the Dramacow one? I think he’s almost as bad as Onion now.
To sum it up: His gf is a grody ho and used to sell Skype/camgirl shit. A fan, and a minor, reposted an image from her public porn profile and Rep accuses him of CHILD PORN. Yet he won’t prove it with police reports or anything. The pic was dated. We know Maya’s bday from her ABORTION DOCUMENT.

I know every detail and have been following it all since it began last year. I could make a big new post on a new thread if anyone is interested, I will compile all evidence.
don't make a new thread, just post anything new in his one already and the OP can be updated if he's producing enough milk for people.