Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan with deformed dick, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser, Served the wrong Chris Hansen.

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If Onion can’t find another concubine to gape assholes with, I don’t think he’s going to be able to maintain his meager OF wages. It’ll just be him and his sock puppet nation, splurting cottage cheese in various places to “take things further 😅😅🙉” but there’s literally only so far you can go as a solo act. What else is he gonna do, poop himself? Watersports? Sure the autists of KiwiFarms will have a lovely time dissecting his feces and how it relates to him yes indeed being a man child on a strict diet of nuggies and his own jizz, but even that will lose its fascination.

I predict he has two months left max until he can’t keep his pornstar fantasy up anymore. Goddammit Kai this is all your fault TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITEHHHH!

What a fucking monster.
He didn't even believe that was real at first. I had to tell him to knock it off in a live stream he was doing in like 2012 I want to say. He was talking shit about it and joking for over and hour and it was my dumbass who had to tell him this wasn't a dramatic rumor and that he'd been making an asshole out of himself but joking about the death of a literal infant to spite his ex. He ended the stream abruptly afterward and fun fact, he was still wearing the same outfit he did in one of the debates, meaning he hadn't changed clothes in days by that point.


Beautiful girl in a beautiful world
Who buys a BDSM kit just to have a porn shoot of themselves? Who's gonna be the rope bunny and who's gonna do the whipping? Once again, Greg trying to play the role of daddy and bitch bottom at the same time.
Lol he might as well dress up as half man half woman and marry himself at this point.
He's the only person that genuinely wants to fuck him.


Gone rogue.
Soooo... is Lainey worm food, or what? Where the hell is she at? And those poor kids... *shudders*
I cannot confirm, as I’m currently still trying to find proof, but on YouTube, a few comments from Nicolas DeOrio’s interview mentioned Lainey/Kai being alive. One mentioned about a welfare check being done recently on Onion man’s house. The comment apparently claims that Onision’s Discord mentioning the welfare check and Greg himself talked about it. The second comment mentioned of a recent photo of Kai/Taylor and Onision in someone else’s video. It is said that she looked petrified. Someone corroborated this comment suggesting that the picture of Kai/Taylor and Greg came from a leak of Greg’s OnlyFans.


Temperature Master™
Greg uses lasers today
They all suck greg. They're all terrible
How much weed did you have to smoke to get that effect?
1. Covering your baby carrot again? 2. Is that how you'll react when the fbi kicks down your door and train their laser pointers at you?
Very deep porn art
You must have smoked tons of weed to get that haze
That's not the right way to get on the ground for the police
1. FBI OPEN UP. 2. Stop trying to do the uwu thing, it ain't working
3. Still not soft, (unlike your average dick). 4. Yes greg, you have an ass, stop posing like a girl
Troonout when?
Yfw you see a alt emo teen girl that you can abuse
Stop flashing your ass
Horrible quality
You WISH that you looked like this
Can you cease with the ass, please?

Another less than stellar showing from greg today. Tune in tomorrow when he does the exact same poses and looks more dumber than usual!

Orion Balls

Sorry Wendy, I love my hat girl.
I know most won't care but does anyone* think he actually hits Lainey?

Genuinely wondering, he's emotionally and psychologically abusive without a doubt but I do often wonder if it's gone further.
I could see him "punishing" his wife for withholding sex, earlier in the day. Since of course he has to get off at least eight times a day in dry ass puss. Nothing makes you drier or tighter than a good old beating.


Miss, you're causing a scene
Yeah, just add "mocked a dead baby" to the list of reprehensible shit he's done. If Greg died tomorrow the queue into Hell would be held up for quite a while as his paperwork's sorted - much like the paperwork he draws up while alive.
It wouldn't just be the paperwork, he'd excuse himself to go put on his finest Party City monkey suit & wig (crusted with old "hair gel", no doubt) to argue "debate" with St. Peter about how he totally belongs up in heaven, more than anybody else, even God. So what if he tried to start a cult, went after minors and was atheist, he has all the facts and he was pinky promised a spot. Im not very religious myself, but I'd like to think they'd kick him back to purgatory to wait for an eternity. They'd probably have to stop him from hitting on cherubs at some point though.

He went from turning Lainey into a short-haired dyke/dude - to wearing long ass lady-wigs.

Good job Grugs.
That homunculus on Gurgs ass, aka Plainey, is so utterly confused she just goes with whatever her fucked up mind thinks is "trendy" that month. Partially because she's an idiot that ran off with a known douchebag before she even knew who she was and partially because she's like tofu and absorbs the traits of who ever she spends the most time with. Any ounce of sympathy I had for her went out the window long ago. Does that mean she deserves physical abuse? Absolutely not, but she's been with Greg how long now? She'd be an idiot to think that after all the people he's turned on that he wouldn't turn on her too.

Let's not forget either that she knowingly dragged minors from fucked-up backgrounds into that house, time and time again, with messed up intentions that she only expressed once they arrived. These weren't adults with life experience and a balanced head on their shoulders, they were teens (just like her husband likes, coincidentally) with next to no life experience from "broken families" desperately seeking validation and a safe harbor from their shitty life.

She may have been a victim at one point, but so was Karla Homolka. While it hasn't gone that far, it still doesn't change the fact that "Well he did it to me too so it's no big deal" has never really been a credible defense. Say what you want about her, but she's got enough brain cells to realize what she's doing. She could've left, she was making money at some point (and even if she wasn't she has family) and was even the bread winner for a while. Onion wouldn't give two fucks if she took the kids and ran as his first thought would be "freedom" or "yay more room for jailbait" and not "oh fuck, child support". He probably wouldn't realize she was gone until he needed something from her anyway. His sex doll had more personality than Plainey, and was probably of more use to him than she was.