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What should be done with white knights?

  • Allow it as long as it's funny

    Votes: 964 41.5%
  • Purge white knights to discourage socks

    Votes: 348 15.0%
  • Make a dedicated Onision white Knight thread

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Made Misty Michelle Henry Rage Quit
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Talking to me is like clapping with one hand
I suggest that we stop replying to socks from this point on. Firstly because at this point it's a broken record and not fun anymore in my opinion. Secondly Greg loves attention and I think we are giving it to him for cheap. Lastly if we ignore him his narc brain will sperg out harder so maybe he will actually do something funny for once.

Ugly couch that looks like it's falling apart.
Ill-fitting sweater that accentuates every roll of fat.
Anime edgy boi photoshopped red demon eyes.
Sunglasses only worn by bingo grannies.

And the video where you can see all the pockmarks and craters on the surface of his wrecked and middle aged ass only accentuated by the excessive amount of oil slathered on it. Greg only wishes he hadn't looked down on sex work when he was young and rich enough that he might have been able to make some decent cash taking nudes of himself in a cum-stained basement.

@Truthinator27 It's "commiserate" not "commensurate" dumbass, what was even the point of using a thesaurus to make yourself sound smarter if you're just going to fuck it up that badly? Get a job so you can feed your family, faggot.

😂 thanks for proving how unambiguously and undeniably stupid you are... because you couldn't be anymore wrong.

I was 100% right when I said the profile pictures would commensurate in size, giving the fact that twitter profile pictures are 400 × 400 in size therefore there's no variation because they'd be equal/corresponding, as the definition says,


Now... "commiserate" ? 😂 come on, bro. That is 100% different and irrelevant.


Twitter profile pictures don't "commiserate" aka feel sympathy or pity... That is nonsense just like your absurd, nonsensical, ludicrous reasoning skills.

Your arguments have rigorously been debunked and destroyed. Accept defeat, if you can't apologize like most of your cult members then shut up, and move on.

As for the Onision sock accusations? *yawn* 😴 let me know when you have actual, indisputable evidence... because your imaginative faculty of illusions is not, and never will be, evidence. Just desperation on your end.

I wasn't going to respond anymore, but when I saw your uneducated response... lets just say I have a low tolerance for stupidity and couldn't bite my tongue. 😂 so, yeah. That's why coming here in the first place wasn't a good idea, because none of you care about the truth.


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