Only faggots finish steak in the oven -

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I fry steaks in the pan but I'll sometimes stew porkchops with some aromatics after sear-frying them in bacon grease. Bonus points if you deglaze with wine.
Sous vide, then finish in cast iron for Maillard. This is how upscale restaurants and steakhouses do steak properly.
Sous Vide is wasteful decadence that does nothing but contribute to the problem of disposable plastics so that rich idiots who can't cook can feel like they can. :mad:
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Holy shit how can anyone be so bad at cooking they need to sous vide a steak? Commercial kitchens do it it because they're juggling a dozen orders at once, but there's excuse for needing to sous vide at home.


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One of the first ways I learned to cook burgers was by finishing in the oven, but I think that's more annoying than anything because then I have an extra step that gets in the way of me shoving delicious burgers into my mouth. That and I have an unfortunate tendancy to forget that the handle of the pan that was in a searing-hot oven is also searing-hot. I like having skin on my hands.

Wouldn't ever put a steak in there though, hell no.