Opening case for defamation with Motel 6 Guest Relations -

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Tommie to customer service: I'm not one of these keyboard warriors, I have a bullet in my back from standing up to these fascists!
Customer Service: Uh-ok.
Customer Service: Have a good day, ok?

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Sofonda Cox

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Staff noticed a Tom existing and responded appropriately to the emergency of his presence? Jolly good!

Pleasantly surprised at the studiousness and care the staff gave. To think of their customers safety and integrity, despite the personal risk involved with telling any crazy man 'No'.

Another nonsense to pass the time until death, eh Tom?

Make it a good one.

You don't have oodles of time left, buzzard.


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Motel 6 prides itself on being a pet friendly hotel chain, which may have had something to do with telling Tommy to fuck off too.
Dog rapists are not a protected class. Tom has no case.
@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg Tom needs attention time to threaten a lolsuit
Why does Tom-Bomb even bother with his pathetic, impotent threats that nobody believes, having seen him continually make pathetic, impotent threats for literally years. You can go to the first pages of his thread, years ago, and he's done nothing but talk mad shit forever without ever doing a single thing (unless you count getting arrested for harassing court personnel with weed and a weapon on him a thing).