Operation curvycaloriies | Introduction | episode 1 05/05/20 -


WW will be the thing that will make her gain it all back. She is literally self-sabotaging the shit out of her current weightloss just to eat more junkfood. Why is she stopping something that WORKED FOR HER. The lard must’ve reached her brains. This girl is so full of shit with wanting to truly change. I’m convinced now that she is doing this just to monetize her addiction even more. Money is so powerful man.


Couldn’t find anyone lifting their arms quite like ALR but I matched up their facial features and knees...Jesus her poor body under all that fat must be screaming.View attachment 1274061
It's really striking to me how much water she is retaining in her upper arms (bat wings). Even on platforms like the Reddit fat hate subs back in the day you'd see Walmart scooter people who didn't have anything close to that, even ones that were physically much larger and more obese. It's a very interesting physiological feature.

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Amber knows that this WW shtick will get a reaction from her reactors and her viewers, that's what she wants.
She always seems to be so positive at the beginning. This video reminds me of the Optavia videos where she talked so highly of the programme. It is the same thing here. I do not know how long this will last. She is already behind in her videos, and already gives herself a few way out. This is a brand new lifestyle channel where she will do exactly what she has done before, such as eat with me, etc. She is starting by having more points, so to overeat, then reduce the number of points if we ever get there. Same old, same old.


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OK may collect some MOTI but jesus fucking christ this video. WeightlossLynn is honestly the most rage inducing shit I have encountered. I would rather have collectively 5 different DSP pre streams play on my screens than one of this shit.

After 4 years of our gorl, its like groundhog day meth edition. Its like an endless cycle. She also purposely put in her old weight for more points, don't think people didn't clock you on that bitch. GaslighterLynn at her finest.

Amber your channel is dead! You do the same thing over and fucking over and frankly its tiring. DSP has more fucking development than you, FUCKING DSP!!!!

She hooks in a few Ambabies then they cotton on to her behaviour and gaslighting then go make haydur channels.


Buckle the Fuck Up Slut, We're Geting Shitfaced.
Ugh. I tried so hard to watch the whole video and had to skip through. She rambles on and on about details that don't matter and then goes back to a method that clearly doesn't work. I'm happy and melancholy I walked away for a few weeks - I'm here for the chaos but I'm already exhausted by the mental gymnastics. Why change what's working??? I understand a youtuber needs content but most of us would be just as happy if she just kept losing (?) weight by a mystery method than one we know won't work.

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The hanging bat wings confirm, (even if the scale didn't), that she HAS lost some weight. And with so much more weight to lose, it's easy to visualize, just from seeing her upper arms, how much really BAD saggy skin she's going to have.