Operation curvycaloriies | Introduction | episode 1 05/05/20 -

Twa Corbies

She always seems to be so positive at the beginning. This video reminds me of the Optavia videos where she talked so highly of the programme. It is the same thing here. I do not know how long this will last. She is already behind in her videos, and already gives herself a few way out. This is a brand new lifestyle channel where she will do exactly what she has done before, such as eat with me, etc. She is starting by having more points, so to overeat, then reduce the number of points if we ever get there. Same old, same old.
And wasn't it just around this time, last year, that the Optavia adventure began? She was bubbly/over the moon at that beginning. Until she managed to talk herself out of something she admitted was actually working for her.
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I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
I just did a little looking around online. Apparently the max amount of points weight watchers allows is 71 which is what shes setting for herself. I checked a few sites that do mock WW plans and she should only be getting like 55 or 56 a day-thats a huge gap and defeats the entire purpose of the program...why would you set it to gain or maintain your weight after crying that you are staying stagnet? She says its to "ease into it" but according to her shes been eating less and intuitively since October. Like I said before WW fucks her up cause it shows her how many points Blizzards and 3 baking trays of macaroni are.

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This dumb bitch. She says what she loves about WW is it has the flexibility to allow for treats. That’s exactly the reason why she quit it last time. And she entered her starting weight because she’s such a stupid cunt, she needs all the asspats. So on Tuesday, she’s going to tell the app she lost 70lbs and the app is going to shrug and say “cool, you’re welcome!!!!!’ No, it’s going to lock her account because it only wants healthy weight loss. As well, she gets 71 points at 570, she’s going to rage quit next week when her points drop considerably. That’s assuming she won’t quit because she’s too stupid and lazy to unlock her account after it got frozen for reporting a 70 pound weight loss in one week.

Aaaaaand all that said, she’s live right now so she’s likely already quit.


I cannot stand the fake Bay Area blonde yoga teacher voice she's taken on since joining tik tok. You're an obese hick who's almost 30 years old, you don't have a house of your own or a job, and you're dating a woman who looks like a fat middle schooler. Give it a rest :story: :story: :story: the voice (and this video) just proves how self-absorbed and egotistical she is
I always found her Destiny and Becky attraction a bit uncomfortable - there is a bit of a mother/son thing about it - or Sister/Brother - given she was denied the opportunity to grow up with her brothers I have to wonder if she is filling that void


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She's using her newly acquired knowledge of FAR THING = SMALL, CLOSE THING = BIG
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Anyone notice that's a different sized shirt. Same one just fits her different in bottom pic. It's longer. Bigger.
I would say because she outgrew the first one and reordered a second one in probably the largest size torrid has.

a llama weighs 450lbs

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she made some excuse for why she has such similar shirts but she was definitely trying to use it to fake some extra weight loss the first time the new version popped up. the new shirt has a big seam right down the middle i think