Operation curvycaloriies | Introduction | episode 1 05/05/20 -


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Anyone notice that's a different sized shirt. Same one just fits her different in bottom pic. It's longer. Bigger.
I would say because she outgrew the first one and reordered a second one in probably the largest size torrid has.
IIRC the last time this shirt was a topic of discussion she claimed she'd gotten it at WalMart.

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
I've been easing back into the social media + youtubes stuff, and this is what I came back to: phase one of the cycle. Again. WW. Again. Gaming the system. Again. And abandoning it. Again.

I'm thinking at some point that phase one will no longer exist, given how short the intervals are before she moves waddles along. Grab that coin, gorl!
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