Operation Epik Fail: Host of Parler, 8kun, Gab, etc. supposedly hacked. - Accusations of pedophillia, SQL dumps, and everything else you could want from an anonymous info dump!


This is a developing story, I'll try to update the thread as it progresses.

Initial Scoop​

Earlier today Steven Monacelli, self proclaimed "#1 muckraker in Texas" posted the following:
SCOOP: a group of "hackers on steroids" gained access to a large dataset belonging to Epik, the web host of the Texas GOP website, Texas Right to Life website, and anti-abortion snitch website.
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According to Steve, anonymous hackers had breached Epik's infrastructure and exfiltrated hundreds of gigabytes of data, including whois records, payment history, etc. He later followed up with:
UPDATE: the cache has been released to http://epikfail.win
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The link redirects, at the time of writing, to https://4chan.partyvan.epikfail.win:55899, which displays a similar message to the one attached above. It includes a broken (lol) link to the torrent, located at https://4chan.partyvan.epikfail.win:55899/OperationEpikFail.torrent.
[epikfail.win archive] [torrent archive]

Epik CEO Drama / Doxxing accusations​

Epik's CEO, Rob Monster, responds. Not with a breach disclosure, but with
Chad - I know that you are keen to get a client of Epik to take down a damning URL that does not reveal your highest self. I try hard to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but your latest tactic needs to stop right now.
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And includes a link to Chad's dox (currently down - Archive)

This sparks drama as Chad claims defamation:
Rob Monster just confirmed he provides services to the website that just doxxed and defamed me as a pedophile.
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Torrent Contents​

The torrent appears real, but I have yet to verify. Even the file list is huge, ~20mb plain text. Here's a link to a .txt of the full directory listing: https://mega.nz/file/V9NUiZjZ#D8Ru8YoObRRFZYJbZzwHUMqLX343vS4NAUGsQS4PKPs



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So has anything come out of this yet, glowmander in chief? I tried having a look on Twitter and all I could find so far is that the Distributed Denial of Secrets fags seem to have recompressed the dump and are seeding the torrent on their own infrastructure now.
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Have any of your glowy friends started going through this and doxing chuds yet?