Video Operation Wupocalypse: Eli Packing for Canada (filmed several days ago) -

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Video description:
Day 4 of the harassment: I am still receiving daily threats from Brianna Wu. She said she has a gun and she is driving to kill me. Please donate to my Patreon so I can survive her brutal assaults on my character.

Eli packs up for his journalistic investigation into Brianna Wu after being chosen to represent #GamerGate's interests as an investigative agent. He is currently in Canada uncovering Deep Facts. Thanks to CIADude420 for the editing!

Is this another room of the cottage or some kind of dorm room?

-Edit- this appears to be the attic that Eli moved up to. good to see that the Commander didn't banish Eli to an unfinished attic.

1. Open window in January...

2. If the attic's so nice why the fuck does Eli have his fucking gym mat & couch cushion nap/JO area in the kitchen?
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Good GOD, my emotions!
Commander Lazy Eye said:
...after being chosen to represent #GamerGate's interests as an investigative agent.
I'd love to have seen the rigorous selection process Jace used to select just the right investigative agent. I wonder who else was on Commander Stinkface's lengthy list. Colby? John Cena? Tranny Hitler?


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Staring at Eli's face full-screened, up close, and in such nice quality for ~3 minutes made me feel like we were perpetually about to kiss or something :oops::oops::oops: this is really intimate vlogging.
It was unnerving and I actually hit esc to get out of full screen and that's when the Fullscreen This. title came on.
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Eli and his dad are going on a trip and he's supposed to do some covert ops on the side?
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