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In this world of ultra-sensitivity, you're sure to offend someone with an opinion which, would sound reasonable to any normal person, but to many is offensive, or whatever descriptive word you want to use. What are some that you think, or know, would offend someone that are perfectly reasonable?

One of mine is that extremism doesn't get you anywhere. Taking it in a moderate, slow course gets the best results with less discourse than a bunch of people trying to start shit just for the sake of it. A good example would be the civil rights movement, where most of the activists took a non-violent approach and eventually got the Civil Rights Act passed years later. But since a lot of people seem to think being a NatSoc or a Marxist-Lenninist is the only way to get things done (depending on the side of the coin), that's a rarity now.

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Young babies shouldn't go to noise restaurants or loud movies or in general places where the expectation is some level privacy or quite. I mean i dont care if they cry at a grocery store but at a restaurant or movie where people are paying to have a nice time its a bit rude to at least not excuse your self.


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Men are not women. Women are not men. Penises are most definitely male.

You don't have to be 'born that way', and society and social circles can influence your choice of partner (including their gender).

You can wear whatever clothing, makeup or hairstyle you please, dance how you want, speak whatever language you choose and enjoy all kinds of food and drink. Doing so doesn't make you a cultural appropriator or racist or murderer or whatever. No-one has the right to tell you how to look/dress/dance/speak/eat/drink.

Chocolate bars really were bigger when you were a kid.

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Justice and trial > mob justice.

Practically every conversation about "what would you do about-" shouldn't exist because we have laws and courts implemented, but people always go full neanderthal and "CUT OFF DICK, TORTURE, STARVE" because they fiddled a kid.


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Parents who use thier kids to benefit themselves. Shit like beauty pageants, which are never for the kids sake, this whole new 'my 3 month old son/daughter touched a barbie/toy car they're trans now' movement or my personal favorite; tormenting and borderline if not straight up abusing them for monetary gain on Youtube.

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Justice and trial > mob justice.

Practically every conversation about "what would you do about-" shouldn't exist because we have laws and courts implemented, but people always go full neanderthal and "CUT OFF DICK, TORTURE, STARVE" because they fiddled a kid.
Really when you think about how often convicted pedophiles get abused as inmates the outcomes are pretty similar. Except the rich ones.

On topic: Public school should stray further away from liberal arts and become more of a life skill and vocational center.

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You do not know who you truly are. You have a persona you use at work, a persona you use when around other people, a persona when you're around friends and loved ones, and a persona when you're alone. You use these personas so much that you forget who you truly are and end up using a persona whenever you are conscious. Being asleep and dreaming may be the only time you truly act like yourself.

Ask yourself this, is the way you are acting now a true representation of who you really are, or something you do because it's the most sensible way to act right now?


Sex and Gender should be considered the same thing, and there are only two genders. Any physical deviation is a medical phenomenon and not a new category.

Transitioning (hormones, sex change etc) is a really bad idea.

Belief in the supernatural and miracles is a mental health problem, just like hearing voices.

Western European civilization is superior to others.

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It's perfectly acceptable to be attracted to certain races over others. This shouldn't be viewed as some social taboo that makes you some racist bigot for not being attracted to a certain race. Everyone has preferences and those who say "I'm attracted to everyone regardless of physical characteristics" are either self-deluding or desperate for a relationship.

It's also fine if you have physical standards for attraction. Nobody in the right mind would choose a 600 pound Amberlynn-esque whale over a healthy 130 pound normal person. I don't think a rational person would look at a morbidly obese person and think "This person is worth getting together with" because the obese person frankly can't even take care of themselves, much less another person.


The IQ and race science. People are always fine when being told IQ strongly measures thing A, B, C and offer probability to tell X, not everyone in the world have high IQ, there is strong scientific support for it to be inherited, BUT when you throw genetic population (=races) into mix IQ is suddenly useless and measures nothing, science is worthless or itself inherently evil, everyone are equally smart or stupid or if they aren't, it can't be Tyrone who has higher genetic probability to have lower IQ.

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