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And what did yours do to you? Dress you up in women's clothing, perhaps? Put out cigarettes on your arms?
Bound me hand and foot with zipties, threw me in an old toolshed with no ventilation as a SoCal summer was coming into full swing and locked the door from the outside. Swung a steel pail at me hard enough to cause a bone bruise on the forearm I raised to keep it from connecting with my skull. What, you think I'm pissing about here with hurt feels? She did a lot of that too.

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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The world is a vast place with different cultures, subcultures, traditions, mores, and taboos. Thus, there is no true one-size-fits-all solution to all of humanity's ills (such as war, starvation, religious intolerance, genocide, slavery, etc.)
On an individual level, however, our ills and problems transcend culture- the specifics may change, but the core of the problem is universal- and thus there are blanket solutions to certain problems (e.g., instilling children with a healthy respect for the elderly makes them less likely to slap the elderly with fresh trout.)

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The perceived sins of your ancestors are not yours. Get the fuck over yourself, white people. Also, the grievances of your ancestors are not yours either. Get the fuck over yourself, black people.

Equality can only be accomplished on a social level but even then it's no where near equal due to the complex power game we all engage in. There will be always be a group of people that perform above the rest and below the rest. Human nature and nature itself isn't in any way equal or fair.

While I'm at it, stop trying to apply human concepts to animals in our own infinite arrogance to prove our beliefs are somehow true and universal. They die and live by our whims and the sooner you animal rights activist realize this the sooner you can focus on shit that actually matters and increases human suffering. I'm not above giving rights to pets, though, because they actually contribute to our society in a way unlike the fuck ton of other animals out there that could kill us or are just downright pests.

May as well add this in, reality is what is. No amount of idealism will change that. You can try to bend the world to your will but it will break you. It's not bad to pursue your beliefs but don't be surprised if things backfire. Cynics aren't low-lives who've given up on changing things: most of them time, they're idealists who've been broken by the reality of their situation and faults in their beliefs. The worst cynics were once the most idealistic and optimistic people.

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Is lack of empathy a good substitute for a sense of humor these days? Do you cut yourself on all that edge?
Just because you were a retarded little shit doesn't make your mom abusive. You should be grateful that she supports you at all at your age.