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"Race realists" thinking IQ measures value of a person. When you can look around and see plenty of idiots that are super successful just because they went out and did shit, musicians that are so fucked on drugs they can barely do a stageshow and people still buy tickets. You have airheaded bimbos that can suck dick so good she can land a billionaire, but still can't use a smartphone. For guys who seem to value IQ so highly they don't seem to be aware of how irrelevant it is beyond a certain point.
God, yes. If white people are so better than everyone else and have a higher IQ, why the hell is every small town in the rust belt full of opiate addicts (and before that, heroin addicts) who can't do anything for shit besides crime? I'm serious, white people come in all varieties intelligence wise.


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That's why those scratch off tickets write "10 CHANCES TO WIN" in big letters, because it sounds good but doesn't mean anything--it doesn't make your odds 10/1 gorillion, but you get 10 rolls of a 1/1 gorillion chance (which is a pretty big difference despite not sounding like it).
Dude, that's literally what it does. The greater the gorillion, the less the error from approximating 10 rolls as a sum.

(1+a)^10 = 1 + 10*a + 45*a^2 + 120*a^3 + 210*a^4 + 252*a^5 + ..... + a^10

therefore, if the base chance is eps = 1/(1 gorillion), the chance of a thing happening at least once over 10 tries is
P = 1 - (1-eps)^10 = 1 - 1 + 10*eps - 45*eps^2 + 120*eps^3 - blah blah no one cares because eps is small and each subsequent summand is a gorillion times smaller

P = 10*eps

The reasoning error people commit when dealing with very small chances stems from the basic inability to grasp the scale of a large number. People who buy a lottery ticket per week ARE NOT WRONG, because the expected QoL improvement from a highly improbable win, multiplied by a chance of said win, is greater than the QoL damage from buying a ticket. People who spend all their tugboat on lottery are wrong, because 1000/1 gorillion is still negligible.

The reasoning error you describe actually kicks in when the base chance is large enough that it adds up to something appreciable. If the base chance is 10%, the approximation gives P = 1, which is of course bullshit. The actual aggregate success chance is 1 - (1 - 0.1)^10 = about 65%, and if the cost of failure on all 10 attempts is high, you're fucked.

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God, yes. If white people are so better than everyone else and have a higher IQ, why the hell is every small town in the rust belt full of opiate addicts (and before that, heroin addicts) who can't do anything for shit besides crime? I'm serious, white people come in all varieties intelligence wise.
People do come in all varieties intelligence wise, naturally, but being an addict has nothing to do with intelligence. They have doctors, lawyers, judges, nurses, business owners, etc. in just about every aa/na meeting at any given time.

And those small towns you mentioned are full of black addicts/alcoholics as well. It's a problem that has no particular regard for a person's race, religion, or social standing in society.
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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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There is only one truth in astrology, and you ignore it at your own peril: all Virgos are mad.
Astrology is based on confirmation bias. Compare the astrological predictions in 25 different newspapers/websites/wherever else you can find them. You should find that they tend to predict different things for the same sign (if you pick a larger size, you'll notice more similarities between predictions- the larger the sample size, the more likely overlap will occur.)

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Chronic viewing of oriental cartoons stunts emotional development in both men and women.
Pfft. That's not true.

Going on Eternal Newfag Summer 4chan did.

also trust me I'm an expert

Using entertainment that's not exactly tailored to your nation's cultural core as both a way of escapism and an ideal pedestal of a perfect life, and then not facing reality's problems rationally and/or not eking out the more core humanistic attributes and "aesops" of the material's themes really makes you into a social and emotional retard. It doesn't matter if the fan in question is a spastic bipolar dramatic teenager/manchild weeaboo with dreams of going to a Japan fantasyland that's like their animes or some seemingly "well off, adjusted, and rational member of society" who happens to be an anime fan "with refined tastes in older anime"; you can be both and still have the symptoms of an anime escapist lolcow sped. While the former are nothing but unrestrained spergery, thankfully that's all that's there when reality punches them in the face; the latter usually are barely contained bombs of untouched problems with denial and emotional drama and baggage awaiting nothing but a bad day to give then an existential crisis to break down. That and they tend to either be pedos, cultural bigots, repsect starved powerlusters, and hypocrites, and they tend to be more socially insufferable by snark and cynicism in juxtaposition by the former with their non stop spastic giggling schoolchild nuisance.

I'd also say something about a society that ironically has a societal agenda that everyone is supposed to be drafted into and fails to uphold its "multicultural" and freedom of choice aspect with legitimately promoting more critical and rational thinking skills, and how the majority of people who have shown me these behaviorial traits have been white, but that's another topic.


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I don't and shouldn't care about people on the other side of the world, their troubles or their situation, regardless whether i'm in a good situation myself or not.
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