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This only works on prisoners who intend to get better.

Do you disagree that there are some countries exhibiting traits seen in the Mouse Utopia experiment? Of course it's not a 1:1 comparison, unlimited food and other resources are not provided by an overseer, however, saying that the concepts surrounding the result are only relevant to mouse behavior might as well be saying classical conditioning isn't real/only applies to dogs because Pavlov first noticed it with dogs.
1. I would say that most prisoners do intend to get better, but that's a far more complex issue worthy of a thread of it's own.
2. Please define which countries are exhibiting which traits, in your opinion.
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White people are superior to all other ethnic groups they are just too modest to admit it.
Dubbed anime as long as it's not edited in any way is superior to subbed anime if people are watching anime they don't want to read a book they'd read the Manga if they wanted to do that.
Women shouldn't have the right to vote
Most of the modern Jewish population of larping Europeans
Most people who believe in the Jq have never actually met a Jew
No one would ever rape a feminist academic
There's no right side of History just people who won and lost major Wars
The only form of Socialism that work is national socialism
Housewives Are happier than women with jobs
Everybody wants to be white
There's nothing wrong with having Gladiator matches with condemned prisoners as long as the voluntary and if people want to become Gladiators that is also okay.
Most atheists are more annoying than any other fire and brimstone preacher


Hehe xd
The Civil War was the most morally gray war in U.S history.
It was the most blue war too.
The Confederates were clearly the bad guys and the deep south has always been a dysfunctional hellhole.

Southern aristocrats hated losing their control over the country and poor whites were basically peasants with so little political consciousness that all they cared about was preserving a racial hierarchy that was detrimental to their own interests.

The deep south is literally shit and all that saves it is the food that was created by the black and french influences. And mind you, most southerners never had access to that kind of food. Since the end of slavery, most southerners were sharecroppers who ate cheap canned food that caused crippling malnutrition that lead to deformities and disease outbreaks.

All the deep south does is soak up federal money like a sponge and create exceptional people that occasionally migrate north and cause trouble. How does one region produce so many lolcows?

FDR should be remembered for stopping these primitive people from literally dying of a famine through his new deal.

Even by Depression standards, the Tennessee Valley was economically dismal in 1933. Thirty percent of the population was affected by malaria, and the average income was only $639 per year, with some families surviving on as little as $100 per year. Much of the land had been farmed too hard for too long, eroding and depleting the soil. Crop yields had fallen along with farm incomes. The best timber had been cut, with another 10% of forests being burnt each year.
And why do these people insist upon eating dirt in the modern age?


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Lax gun laws should be the norm but coupled with logical and sound laws that aren't the ones extremist liberals come up with to violate the freedoms of the common citizen and only serve the criminal. Laws that make clear sense to keep things in line and protect the innocent as well as promoting information sharing between military agencies and police agencies to help catch would-be mass shooters before they act, and if possible, help treat their mental problems instead of making them a criminal.
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It is in many cases literally impossible to prevent someone from committing a mass shooting, or a truck attack, or whatever. Expecting your safety to be guaranteed by the government is exceptional. The real solution to mass shootings and other crimes of this nature is vigilance and the readiness to act, which unfortunately most people cannot accept because this puts the onus of defending themselves and their lives into their hands, and not the hands of a parent-surrogate that knows better and has the power, whereas they are powerless and small and meek.

If you live in a city, the likelihood of encountering a fucking nutter increases with the population of the city. There is statistically less chance of being victimized if you live in a smaller community.

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
Black people need very little provocation to act like niggers.
Yes, there is a difference. Black people are polite, respectful of the rule of law, and work to improve their lot in life. Niggers act like this. Repeatedly. And then blame Whypippo because they acted like niggers.

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