Opposition Bloc - A thread for Renfamous appreciation and other pro-anti-Vic sentiment.


Wholesome Anna
Good call. The stupid seems to come out of the woodworks when they are about to pull some stupid shit.

You would think they would run out of money for the stupid shit by now.
The right side of history cares not about losing money, as long as Vic necks himself and his sycophants sink into an ocean of complete despair. Even if they are still hated, as long as they win is all that matters.


I bend the truth.
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He’s good annoying the shit out of null and it’s kinda entertaining
I don't think Null even notices his shit anymore, his last two socks have been focused on attacking AnOminous for his post count.

Also, @AnOminous, do you actually have a septum piercing? I saw a comment saying you do on your profile and now I'm curious.


I bend the truth.
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I was hoping for Dynastia level baits but instead I get his toejam. I am disappointed.

One of my favourite @Dyn/HG 400 moments. Kiwi Farms ended up at war with this forum, our resident conflict resultion officer couldn't slow down their aggression, so Dynastia took it upon himself. He joined that forum, everyone there knew he was from KiwiFarms, and he still somehow caused so much chaos he got the forum shut down forever.

His penis has powers that mere mortals can't comprehend.

Just a short history lesson for you guys who are bored waiting for new updates in this case and wanna read up on KiwiFarms history like I've been doing.

If I say anything actually funny i get banned. I figured if i turned my autism up i'd get to stay around for more than one post.
Say something funny instead of spouting stupid shit and double-posting and you might get to keep your account a bit longer.

That's not the trend I've seen thus far
That's probably because you haven't said anything funny yet.

Silver Chariot

I don't care.
This thread is a bit of a disappointment. I expected more.
Vic Mignogna unequivocally raped many women over the years of his career. Look at the number of accusations. In the hundreds. There's no way one hundred people can be lying.
You've seen the photos, how he makes others uncomfortable with his constant touching. What kind of alpha male touches women without consent? Vic Mignogna is a beta male, confirmed.

Everyone needs to follow the brave examples of Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi, standing up to injustice and speak out against this oppression. Too long, other men have abused and sexually harassed women. With this, a precedent will be established in the mold of Harvey Weinstein's criminal convictions. Believe the women that have spoken out against sexual abuse. People like Jessie Pridemore, god bless her. A quality nurse that is needed in our time of need. Why would any of them lie? Victor Joseph Mignogna is the liar. May he rot and burn in hell for eternity when this is all said and done. God bless the women that have spoken up, may they be guided to their inevitable victory.

Nick Rekieta ruined Vic Mignogna's career. Good riddance to him, what a shitty lawyer. He's as bad at being a lawyer as he's bad at Dark Souls.
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