Oregon's Voting System Is Being Absolutely Raped, With Country Wide Implications - Ted Wheeler's Vote Was Change to Trump

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However, 4channers ballsed up when they claimed you could change someone's vote.
4chan actually dropped the "Your vote can be CHANGED" claim within the first few threads. The scandal has always been about vote cancellation. Until the FBI statement, the media/election officials failed to address this at all because that dumb Bosniuzbekistani screenshot glowed too bright. States that have tried to address it have failed to clear the record on what it even means when a ballot gets cancelled which makes it seem like the officials don't even know.


Since the FBI pointed the finger at foreign actors, some of the voter portals 4chan identified have suddenly implemented extra security measures (captchas lol) so that's one good thing.

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Didn't someone in this thread already show that you need to have extra information to change their registration? The article just talks about a guy who had a change of address, which is what triggered the update to his registration.

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It was hard to imagine two weeks ago.
This is true. Sadly, the rejection rate for the ballots on election night was like a ridiculously low percentage compared to what they were being rejected at before, which is why it was hard to imagine for me, anyway.


Fake news. I have a family member in Oregon. I totally didn't just log into that page using their info.
You can't submit a ballot through this page. The "Mark my ballot" is just a way to do a mock marking and then you can print out a summary. It's not the same thing as a real ballot. You can't change someone's vote.
Live in oregon, tried to do this it doesn't work. This is fake news 100%

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Its pretty stupid to think the courts are going to change anything, 23 our of 27 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign have been thrown out, I don't think its going to change anything. TBH the powers that be benefit equally from Biden or Trump so it honestly doesn't matter