Other people's art that we like -

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buh ayway
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Awesome thread!! Sometime I should come up with some favorite images (there's like a bazillion or so of them) that impress people :B


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I'm going to leave out Costume Designers I consider artists otherwise this list would be way too long.

Iain McCaig (did concept art for the Star Wars prequels)

Sandro Del-Prete

Carlos Meglia. An Argentinian comic book artist best know for drawing the Cybersix comics. A lot of people are turned off by how he draws people (and I'll admit it's kind of ugly) but he is amazing at drawing cities (spoilers because it's a big picture and I didn't want to scale it down.
Yoshitaka Amano
I can't pic just one drawing

Walter Wick (the photographer for the I Spy and Can You See What I See books).
Again, I can't pick just one

Kim Köster. AMAZING artist. Probably best known for the 99rooms website.