Other people's art that we like -


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I have a ton but here are some of my biggest influences:

Raul Trevino

Frank Miller

Ross Draws


Toshihiro Kawamoto (Co-founder and director of Studio Bones, he still does most of the character designs, and key anymation to this day)

Chris Sanders

Byron Howard


Fernanda Frick (she released a beautifully made short film a while ago https://vimeo.com/197473922)

Johanna Tarkela

Goro Fujita (yes, he did the color key for the Boss Baby movie, gotta admit that was the only impresive thing in the whole movie)


QB 290

The Art from the manga Kingdom is god tier sometimes
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Oooh I have some!

Yamio makes really good art. And she did a lot of it while battling cancer of all things. Props to her.
She does a lot of stylized moe-ish chibi art. So if you aren't into that you may not like it.

Yamio Art 2.png

Yamio Art 3.png

Yamio Art.jpg

Hyanna-Natsu was also mentioned, but she does other work as well that I really like:

Hyanna Art.jpg

Hyanna Art 2.jpg

Neko Rina also has really good art. She really improved from when I followed her years ago:

Neko Rina art.png

neko rina art 2.png

neko rina art 3.png

Lastly, I'll post some more streamlined art. I really like Yoshihuko Umakoshi's character designs;

Yoshihiko Umakoshi.jpg


monky art snob
Has anyone mentioned Eunpyon?

I love the way she colors and details all her paintings, something about the colors scream "gritty chic" for lack of a better term


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I'm a huge fan of pro wrestling, but one of my favorite artist who draws a ton of artwork, especially for WWE, is named Oniwanbashu.
They have a style that reminds me of Disney but with a bit of anime. The anatomy is also really good as well. Like when they draw faces its not the same face, but different structures.

1 .jpg
(This one is a personal favorite)

(This is their most recent one, which was drawn from the Monday night that Roman Reigns announced he was fighting Leukemia.)

I have a lot of other favorite artists who draw a lot of art of pro wrestlers but I'd go on and on about them.
And its not just wwe too, theres many who draw fanart of DragonGate, NJPW, and a lot of others.

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