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Damn dirty gremlins
There is this artist that changes his username very often but he call himself "Rin"
He is: transgender, autistic(literally, not as an insult), homeschooled and really fucking hates SJWs.
He also may take antidepressants.
The best part? he is actually a really good artist


The bad part? he also has a huge crush on steve from minecraft and king lancelot from that monty python movie


He is pretty chill and i like his art in a non-ironic way (minus the sexual stuff)


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(The picture isn't great- there aren't many online) I was briefly back in the UK over Christmas and got to go to one of my favourite galleries- the Laing in Newcastle. They have a collection of paintings by John Martin, who is also one of my favourite painters. They'd changed around their collection since my last visit and this painting- Arthur and Aegl in the Happy Valley was on display. It's fairly typical of his work in some ways- the small figures against a sweeping epic landscape, but the deep blue sky and the other colours are unusual for him. I just fell in love with it at once, the amazing contrasts, the surreal blend of cloud and land, the feeling of timelessness and unreality. It really conveys to me the sense of wonder, of awe that you get from the Arthurian mythology... It's just so beautiful to me.
Incidentally the Laing has a small but lovely collection of paintings, as well as some really gorgeous cityscapes from Newcastle and work from local artists. A real gem of a museum and in a beautiful art deco building too.


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Araki originally provided concept art for the Capcom Jojo arcade game.

Early on, Araki wanted Jotaro to have heart marks all over his outfit with a thicc figure.
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I'm not much of an art person, but I really love Luis Royo's works, along with his son's work. I'd legitimately would eat shoes to get enough cash to buy their artwork,

Luis Royo's art:
Romulo Royo's art:
Luis and Romulo Royo:

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