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Andy Goldsworthy is probably my favorite artist. He uses natural materials to create temporary sculptures in the wilderness.

Sorry it's huge, I couldn't work out how to use the spoiler thingy.
Thats absolutely fantastic!! I love this kind of art, playing with the nature environment...
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Ready to explain photosynthesis to Bill Nye
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If you're a fan of J-pop, you'll have heard the news that Namie Amuro is slated to retire next September. I'm neither a fan of her or of J-pop in general, but I just adore this publicity shot, how this picture presents the glamour of a mature woman and the sweetness of an ingénue as one, and in so natural a manner.


I can't track down the photographer and the stylist, but this picture belongs to any annals of portrait photography.


Polish painter, Zdzisław Beksiński, has some really beautiful (but dark) pieces.
(First post here, so hopefully I uploaded correctly.)



Ready to explain photosynthesis to Bill Nye
True & Honest Fan
Dutch couture designer Iris van Herpen fully embraces the possibility of 3D-printing in garment, exploring the post-human fusion of nature and technology. Her works evoke equal parts the grandeur of Greek sculpture, the flowing grace of Dunhuang murals, the impossible feminine forms of Erté -- and the savage spectacle of a volcanic eruption, the grotesque horror of a Xenomorph hive queen.

Her latest collection looks like a reharsh, so let's look at some of her earlier works instead. Even if you're not interested in fashion it is hard not to feel moved.








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