Other Russell Greer like lolcows -


I'm curious if anyone knows where more "lolcows" of the same type as Russell Greer might be lurking.

My first thought is "Wikia/Fandom" given that there are entire Wikis devoted to various celebrities, pop singers, etc (Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift) which document every minute detail of their lives, probably right down to speculations and discussions of what type of dental floss they use.

I also strongly suspect that a lot of those Wikis are written by single, virginal 30+ year old men rather than tween girls, and serve as havens for celebrity stalkers or wannabee-celebrity stalkers (it wouldn't shock me if Russ himself as edited those Wikis at some point).


K Pop would be like shooting fish in a barrel but I would go for Simps who follow e-thots on Twitter and Instagram.
Yeah, I think it's weird that Wikia/Fandom allows those Wikis to exist; on Wikipedia they are very strict about sourcing and adding information in relation to "Living People" that might be untrue or defamatory, but as far as I know, on Wikia anyone can pretty much write anything, and there's no policies on sourcing except what the site admins allow; meaning those celeb wikis are probably about as trustworthy as the National Enquirer.

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it depends on what you mean by like Russell Greer

if you mean a frustrated incel who reeees about not having a girlfriend, fails at everything, can't control his emotions, overshares on social media, has a precarious living situation, and wastes his money on stuff that won't help him - see Lucas Werner

if you mean an autistic guy who misuses the legal system (in his case, the British one), fights trolls online, publishes dubious books and articles, and brags about his credentials - see Jonathan Bishop (he's not too active, though)
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