Our Baby: A Modern Miracle - aka degenerate trannies make a baby together

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Not sure if I'd use the word "miracle" here. Looks more like a "horrifying crime against nature" to me. Well, that or perhaps an "engagement in a morally dubious procedure".

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Yeah, encounters with reality are quite grueling. Especially if not everyone's into the same sick shit as you are.
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Wow! A story about two trannies having a baby, HOW STUNNING AND BRAVE!!
God, what a time to be alive.

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For the health and wellbeing of the child, I hope that the eggs/sperm were frozen prior to starting HRT. The poor kid is already going to be the product of two people with mental illness, and intentionally fucking up the endocrine system surely can't help. I'm no doctor, but you don't need to be one to realize that this sounds absurdly irresponsible. Is it really too hard to just adopt?

You can bet anything that the parents aren't going to just stop a few months after the birth. In the case of journalists and studios not losing interest in them, they're going to keep this shit going for as long as possible. Imagine going through your formative years with the knowledge that your whole significance as a being is based on the fact that your parents are both troons. The whole transgender thing is (supposedly) centered "identity," so the real miracle would be the child growing up to be able to envision his/her individuality without the parents being the primary defining factor.

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