Our Favorite YouTube Chefs/Cooking Channels - Like it says on the tin.

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You Suck At Cooking. A near-perfect mix of cookery and snark.

Greg's Kitchen. Middle-aged Aussie bloke. Combination of cookery and food reviews.

At Home On The Range. Originally shown in the '90s; now preserved for the ages thanks to its surviving host, Barbara. Unintentionally hilarious cooking show that used to make me LMAO when it was on cable back in the day. The phrase "so bad it's good" springs to mind.


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I've gotta plug another one. This one is a channel I've been vaugely aware of for a long time, but never watched until relatively recently, because the thumbnails and titles made it seem... Very Tube-Bait-y. It's a bunch of young, attractive people doing "awesome", occasionaly "zany" things.

And that's kiiiiinda true, but I have to admit I was wrong. I've been binging the channel a bit lately, and I've learned a *lot* of cooking tricks just watching them work, and I've picked up a number of recipes I need to try making.

Anyways, the channel is SORTED. They don't do many videos that are just "follow me step by step through this recipe"... They do a number of different formats, but usually the videos are contests between different members on the channel, or relay challenges, or... whatever. It's a different sort of experience than most food channels, but there's still a lot of good food on display and for inspiration.
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For tokusatsu fans, Hiro Mizushima (Tendou from Kamen Rider Kabuto) started a cooking channel a few months ago to document his journey of improvement. Since he's learning from scratch, the recipes are relatively simple and his offscreen supervisor helps him build up basic cooking knowledge and skills as he progresses which helps encourage viewers to try give them a try too.

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I've been watching Joshua Weissman recently- he has a good sense of humor and has a nice variety to the things he covers. He's kind of like a cross between Binging with Babish and Good Eats.
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