Our Political Leanings -

Which ideology do you agree with the most?

  • Conservative (Republican)

    Votes: 25 18.4%
  • Liberal (Democrat)

    Votes: 10 7.4%
  • Socialist (International, Democratic, Libertarian, etc.)

    Votes: 16 11.8%
  • Communist (Maoist, Leninist, Stalinist, etc.)

    Votes: 4 2.9%
  • Anarchist (Anarcho-Syndicalism, Anarcho-Communism, Queer Anarchism, etc.)

    Votes: 4 2.9%
  • Libertarian (Anarcho-Capitlaism)

    Votes: 19 14.0%
  • National Socialism (Third Positionism, Nationalism, Strasserism, etc.)

    Votes: 13 9.6%
  • Centrist (Center-Left, Center-Right, Moderate)

    Votes: 31 22.8%
  • Apolitical (dgaf about politics)

    Votes: 14 10.3%

  • Total voters


The most popular of ideologies depend on empty platitudes. They need to be wide, emotional, and vague so that people can see what they want to see. And then the true ideologues at the top, pulling the strings, can wipe out the competing ideologues who don't make it.

The world stage is really just a bunch of economic and intellectual minorities rustling populations from one another like sheep.
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Mister Loser

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I think for my own part most of my political ideology comes down to where Theodore Roosevelt is. Basically everything except the whole imperialism thing.


I'm honestly some form of Libertarian. I took a couple of quizzes, and I got center libertarian. I didn't know which one to vote for on the top (either anarchist, libertarian, or centrist) tbh. On one hand, I think that taxation is a theft, whilst thinking property is theft. I'm just weird ig.

Webby's Boyfriend

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Libertarianism is quite common among young people, especially ambitious ones. But there are the consequences and most of us know what they are. I'm not American but I've seen the social problems created in part because of withdrawal of the safety net in my own country. It's bad in Canada, homeless crisis is through the roof, meth heads are everywhere in our cities. We used to have clean streets, not clean enough to eat off but not like this. When Canada took a major center right path with reform conservatives all this crap appeared.
Canada is like the US but better in every aspect.

Libertarianism is especially common among SJWs and antifags.

Chad Nasty

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My political view now is "Get fucked". Its game-over bros. I'm gonna make sure I shit on everything I can before I die. I am an equal-opportunity kinda guy. I've flipped of 10 year olds for no reason, told interviewers that they're garbage and their company sucks and thanked them for wasting my time before walking out of the interview. If I can inconvenience or agitate anyone or organization, I do.