Pamperchu - Microwaved Diapers and Pedophilia

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Queen Of The Harpies

"Get some cunt in your life there, dipshit."

Arm Pit Cream

Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots to find my lost piece
Bunch of new videos, I skimmed through them a bit so I probably missed some stuff

All of these freaks are cooking in diapers besides 1 guy
7:30 Oh God why he standing infront of an active microwave? Wouldn't be be way more susceptible to that stuff in the medication he's on and with his condition?
13:35 Is some weird sexual shit, she looks like a troll droll in human form
21:30 Gay, diapered furry sex dance ritual

Boring furry costume stuff

1:00 Weird meth addict looking, balding white guy refuses Pamperchu entry to
1:56 Man Tits' blouse is hideous, weirdly tucked in
2:20 Creepy



To live a lie, or die in a dream?
Ohgod I thought Strikerwolf was bad.... somehow the fact that he's intelligent enough to know better than to wear used diapers makes everything even more disturbing...
And I'm honestly surprised that even after 6 years (!) he's somehow still chugging along making the exact same content. Kudos for tenacity, I guess?


Schizo Studier
It's insanely impressive to me that he is somehow still alive. Didnt he have cancer or AIDS or something? Did the diseases get killed by a super bacteria like C. Diff from the shit?
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