Pancake Day: Period pancakes and tampon macarons served to fight period poverty -

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Pancake Day: Period pancakes and tampon macarons served to fight period poverty

Bloody Big Brunch / The Book Club

Bloody Big Brunch / The Book Club
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Tomorrow (March 5) is Pancake Day and we all have the same craving. But could you stomach these ‘period pancakes’ and ‘tampon macarons’ to help fight period poverty?
This Shrove Tuesday, you can dig into a period-inspired pancake to show your support for the #FreePeriods movement.

The Book Club in Shoreditch, London, is serving these red velvet ‘period pancakes’, garnished with tampon-designed macarons and a side of Bloody Mary, in support of the Bloody Big Brunch charity.
The venue will be serving the period-themed pancakes for the duration of Pancake Week from March 3 until March 10.
It aims to increase awareness about period poverty and to raise money to help people who are unable to afford sanitary products.

Tampon Macarons or #PeriodPancakes anyone? This #PancakeDay, @TheBookClubE2C will be selling red velvet period pancakes to raise awareness and support #PeriodPoverty charity @BloodyBigBrunch. 15% of profits will be donated. >> @SquareMeal
— Chelsea Marketing (@ChelseaMarketin) February 22, 2019
The 2019 official Bloody Big Brunch was held at the London restaurant on Sunday (March 3). The menu for the day was period-themed, with its red velvet pancakes, tampon macarons and Bloody Marys on tap.

Amika George, founder of Free Periods —the organisation with a mission to end period poverty— was the brunch host along with celebrity guests such Made in Chelsea‘s Jess Woodley and Celebs Go Dating‘s Tom Read Wilson.

And even better, the charity brunch featured drag performances.

Really fun event today at @BloodyBigBrunch and @HeyGirlsUK raising money to address period poverty through menstrual product and money donations for @freeperiods campaign and organisation such as @RedBoxHackneyN #bloodybigbrunch #periodpoverty#freeperiods
— Flow Free (@flowfreeboxes) March 3, 2019
But overall, the theme aimed to see what society thinks of periods. For example, when you see the photo of the ‘period-blood’ pancake, what do you think? Are you disgusted or are you unfazed?

According to the Bloody Big Brunch charity, “shame around menstruation is still widespread, with half of people currently describing periods as unpleasant or disgusting – but 69% of people, including men and boys, wish that we felt more comfortable about them.”

What’s more, almost three in 10 people with periods throughout the United Kingdom have been unable to afford menstrual products with 38 per cent of them bleeding through most days of their period and 26 percent missing school or work.

The charity wants everyone to get involved with their own period-theme brunches. But are you tempted to join in for the cause this Pancake Day? What do you think?


Tactical Autism Response Division
True & Honest Fan
The religious aspects are VERY strong here, am I right?
This is like straight up christianity transposed onto gender and sexual identity.
In church we drink the blood as a metaphor for wine, to imbue ourselves with the attributes of christ.
These women want to fill the God-shaped hole in themselves with themselves, and have been doing so with narcissism and gynephilia. It's the timeless "eat the flesh and gain the strength" meme that's been bouncing around various cultures since time immemorial.


It took me longer than I would like to admit to understand what the fuck period poverty is... then I had to look it up to be sure and now I wish I never saw this thread.
I have a feeling Red Velvet is ruined for me now.
Nah, I'll still eat it so long as I can get the baker to confirm no one bled in it or used their own "homemade" yeast.


will definitely consider what you have said
True & Honest Fan

The macarons look fabulous. A+ would eat whole box

But overall, the theme aimed to see what society thinks of periods. For example, when you see the photo of the ‘period-blood’ pancake, what do you think? Are you disgusted or are you unfazed?
I used to not be disgusted by periods, but now after shit like this among so many other fucking "statements" every time I see a woman I start convulsing and vomiting violently.

Thanks a lot.

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