PANERA BREAD MUKBANG | whiplash and new cycle begins- 11/12/20 - RIP Jenny Craig Diet (only lasted 2 days)

I don’t know anything about Jenny Craig, but this is from their website. How does she have a two year contract when they say they don’t do long term contracts?



I know what works for meeeee
Hamber: I know how to loose weight.



Well, our gurl did not disappoint. We are back to Weight Watchers, which is not surprising. This cow signed with Jenny Craig for 2 years. Was she expecting to eat only 1,200 calories a day for 2 years? Had she not learned anything from past experience that she should not sign a long-term contract for any diet plan? It was the same thing with Noom. WW, etc. She mentioned that she knows how to lose weight but that if she is restricted, it makes her binge.

For me, this is a clear indication that she is not a candidate for bariatric surgery. The meal plan to follow after the surgery is extremely strict and she would not be able to adhere to it. She needs to have in-depth psychological counselling before that any weight loss programme would have any chance to work.

b-but she knows what works for her! (:_( and it definitely ain't no 6 meal a day restrictive ass diet!! I mean wth man what does she look like, a normal person who can eat 1200 calories!
And don't even MENTION a diet that's too lenient!


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I love how she thinks her hair is healthier and thicker now that she cut it. No, Amber, the hair you still have was always that level of thickness, it's just not being held down by what you cut off. The health of the hair has not changed, and your hair won't actually get thicker until you fix the issues causing it to thin in the first place.

Yeah, take off that cheese. That will surely make all the difference you dainty skinny legend, you. :story: She's totally going to put that cheese and bacon back on that second sandwich half. No one is fooled by this.

That's a huge bunch of bananas on the counter. I highly doubt she's going to eat them all.

Does she really expect us to believe she wasn't already eating 6+ times a day? Bitch, we can see you!

I'll give her this much, she did avoid mukbangs a lot longer than I thought she would, but since she has nothing else to film other than hauls of cheap junk, it was inevitable for her to get back to what works for her.:smug:

She does know how to lose weight. She just doesn't want to do what it takes. Point. Blank. Period.

She's proud of the country "and you know why". That's great. She couldn't be bothered to vote, her opinion about the election is irrelevant. It would have made more sense for her to have Becky say something about it, at least she participated.

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"Other people do it, I'm not the only one"

There it is, Amber's life mantra rearing its fat, ugly, morbidly obese head once again. I wonder if she just says that to troll her viewers or if she honestly believes it's a dainty "get out of jail free" card?
Ya know what grinds my gears about this recurring deathfat excuse of 'other people fail diets so it's okay when I do it'?
There ARE recorded, legit examples of morbidly obese people losing the weight and keeping it off.
Instead of using others' failure as an excuse to throw in the towel, why not see what's worked and try to emulate those people?

Nah, that would require Hamber to engage in humble self-reflection, not to mention be willing to listen to others. May as well ask the tides to stop.

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Must be weird to have a job that is just letting people rubber neck at the disaster that is your life. I really wonder when people will tire of the trend of watching fatties eat themselves to death.

I like reading updates here but you couldn’t pay me to watch her videos. At least with MSHPL I get a highlight real of a year in one hour.

Must be nice to make a lot of money being that way is also a common sentiment. Yet, I have yet to see anyone who would want to look like/be like her.

Did anybody catch the 'Guyz I totally asked for an apple and not another bag of chips'? Never change, Hamber.

Yea, I caught that. She’s full of it, as usual.