PANERA BREAD MUKBANG | whiplash and new cycle begins- 11/12/20 - RIP Jenny Craig Diet (only lasted 2 days)

I don’t know anything about Jenny Craig, but this is from their website. How does she have a two year contract when they say they don’t do long term contracts?

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That means she could cancel it but like WW and noom she hasn't canceled them. Strange flex to be spending $23 a day on diet food. I didn't know some of it was frozen (thought it was just preserved in cardboard) so maybe Becky will eat it.


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Two year contract with Jenny Craig
Means she's going to be paying between $8,760- $16,060
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Lose weight for the low price of $22.50 a day. jfc

I can't understand how people can't just do calories in/calories out and some light daily exercise. I feel that it's a lot simpler than these regimented weight loss diets.

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So, that chili tastes like the chili Amber makes? Uh-huh. I've never had Panera's chili but I can only assume if it DID taste like Ambers the health department would shut that shit down in a flash.
I suspect more Amber lies :)

Yeah, me 2 on never trying Panera's chili but then again, I seldom eat out let alone at Panera. We've seen the slop Hamber calls chili. Doubt my dog would eat it.

(on rare occasions, Wendy's chili w/cheese and onion isn't too bad. )

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Damn, so Becky is packing on the pounds and also getting her clothes from Torrid. How much longer before she and Hamberlynn start wearing the same outfits to show off before the camera? Oh, who am I kidding. Becky will never shed her 90's phase even though she's probably never once seen or even played a NES during her life.


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This is an expert troll tbh. Everything from the title to her pretending that the people at Panera bread gave her a bacon sandwich instead of her dAinTy gOrl veggie one AND gave her a bag of chips instead of an apple. Good job Amber. Show some legs and you won't have to shrink your UberEats budge this month.

Troll? Absolutely. Expert? Yeah, not so much. Just Amber doing what Amber does. She'd lie about the time of day if you asked her. Everything Big Al does is so...ahem...ham-handed that she's just a parody of herself at this point.


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I thought everyone joking about a upcoming mukbang would be disappointed. Not the first time I've been wrong in life. So after threatening to cut her hair for the last 5 years you finally did it but... forgot to film it? One of the most interesting things to happen in awhile and she decided not to show it? But watch me stuff my face guisssss!