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Czech yourself before you wreck yourself
For those of you who like Crusader Kings II, the After the End Fan Fork mod is excellent.

It’s basically a post apocalyptic/low fantasy medieval setting mod set in the Americas with its own unique lore, religions and cultures.

For instance, the Americanist religion worships the founding fathers, Abe Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt as gods. (They’re actually very similar to Hellenism because they can dedicate temples to their “gods” for buffs)

The Deep South is this mod’s Holy Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire analogue. (They have an autocephalous religion, like Byzantium, but are decentralized like the HRE).

California is interesting. They’re sort of this weird blend of medieval China and the Japanese sengoku period. On paper, they’re an empire but in actuality, the emperor’s authority stops where his palace grounds end. (They even have their own version of the Shogun called the “Governatus”)

Also this mod adds a Luchadore Reconquista of Mexico and an accompanying warrior lodge.


Czech yourself before you wreck yourself
But i can just play the fallout mod for hoi 4...
It’s not really a fallout mod. There are elements that are inspired by fallout (atom cultists are likely inspired by the children of the Atom). AFAIK the mod started as a Canticle for Leibowitz themed mod and kind of blossomed into its own thing.

Although I will say the fallout mod for HOI4 is excellent.