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Looks like Imperator: Rome has entered a zombie state:
A bit sad. While I hated it on arrival, later updates (especially 2.0) have made it a decent game. I like the way religion, pops and levy system work now (althoug the last one needs some tweaks). The game still needs some content to flesh out anyhting that's not Rome or Greeks to make it really good, but I'd say in terms of mechanics it's pretty solid. It also has the most aesthetically pleasing maps of all Paradox games IMO.
Patch 2.0 was well received by most people who still give a shit about the game but failed to bring back players. Let it be another lesson that it's better to release finished product rather than fix it with DLC over the years (Paradox won't learn it anyway). Also, keep Johan and his mana away from any future projects.

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Will there ever be a PDX grand strategy set in the modern world? I imagine it would be more focused on politics and economics than warfare which I would love. I would also settle for Victoria 3.

Sidenote: Why can I not torture children in CK3? What better way to really get your rival's goat than by kidnapping and torturing his kids!? You can do viking raids in which it can be assumed that people are being raped and murdered, but you can't torture some king's asshole son.

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It's the relentless tempter tantrums from your vassels for not being on the kings council which put me off. The weird part is it isn't particularly realistic since "fuck you I'm the king " was the norm with the 'council' in the period, if there was a council at all and not you and your homies in a pagan shack in the arse end of Scandinavia.
The unrealistic part is that its the powerful vassals trying to force their way onto the council, when it should be the opposite. Vying to be on the king's council was definitely a thing among the lesser and mid-level nobility. Much less so among the upper nobility, for whom a position in the king's household would not increase their power meaningfully and carried a decent risk of actually decreasing their power due to taking them away from managing their own vast holdings and vassal networks.

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I'm generally surprised they haven't made high fantasy setting Stellaris/CK yet
It'll be like Stellaris where they throw a fuckton of classic science fiction (well, in this case fantasy) elements and tropes into what sounds like the coolest game ever, and then it comes out and it's an obvious beta and a few years, patches, and DLC later it's almost totally different.

Not a game I'd trust modern Paradox to make. Some dumb game mechanic would get in the way of your world conquest campaign as totally-not-Sauron. To be fair, the right mods would make it very cool, but it would be boring until it has like 2-3 DLCs.

Speaking of Paradox fucking up, Leviathan DLC for EU4 released today and it's probably the biggest shitshow of Paradox release I've seen in over 10 years of playing. It was developed by their new Spanish studio and man, did they fuck up:

-It added some new half-assed mechanics - ability to siphon development from subjects/enemies as a wargoal, monuments, some decisions to encourage tall play etc. People complained about them even before release and most of the videos made by content creators who got early access to the DLC featured them abusing the shit out of the mechanics.
-We got bizzare amount of dev stacking in the capital, abuse of the new CB given to Majahapit etc. It's not even exploits, just playing the game as intended. I've seen a screenshot of a guy having 105 dev in Beijing in 1445 just by taking dev from his tributaries as Ming. Even AI OPM natives have 40 dev for some reason.
-Some of the monuments are joke while other are extremely OP. Alhambra gives you 15% admin efficiency which basically means that any WC game in Europe will start with no CB against Granada.
-The amount of bugs and unfinished content led some people to unironically believe that Paradox released earlier build of the game.
-Pacific nations are missing some icons in the menu. There are literally placeholder assets and text used for sikhism. Mission trees are missing images.
-One of the newly added horde policies gives you a 100% missionary strength meaning you can convert every province within a month.
-Newly added native federations are unplayable as members keep joining and immediately leaving.
-Game can't properly calculate relative strength between two countries. The stronger the country is, the faster you gain favours with it while it should be the opposite.
-Game crashes when you mouse over certain elements when playing new Australian nations.
-New free patch broke the game. Diplomatic window doesn't work unless you have DLC.
-Despite free patch being called "Majapahit", the nation is basically unplayable without DLC. Majapahit has a nasty crisis that fucks you over. To prevent it you need to complete a mission which is locked behind a DLC. Crisis will occur even if you don't have Leviathan.
-And many more...

I am a Paradox whore and usually buy their DLC, but I'm sure glad I didn't buy this one. The new mechanics introduced seemed lame from the start but I was interested to try new content as I like playing outside Europe and still have some achievement missing for SEA nations who lacked unique ideas and mission trees before.
you forgot losing savegames as all nations literally dissapear and rules having thousands in adm/dip/mil points


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The paradox forums are not having it

"Pay attention to what Paradox are doing and how they are shifting the narrative of the conversation.
They claim, in public, they are receiving death threats and people are calling for them to lose their livelihoods. Neither of these things are okay, and people who do this should be ashamed of themselves.
But the narrative then somehow changes to, if you're harshly criticising this game, you're basically in bed with those very, very few people who are saying terrible things.
Thus, Paradox are basically immune from criticism. You either fall in-line and praise the psychological horror of a release that is Leviathan, or you're in bed with the worst kinds of people on the internet.
It's an intentional PR move from Paradox. Nothing else."

They've fucked up without a doubt, and now they're clipping Imperator's wings that it sprouted with 2.0 just to clean up the scatological mess that Paradox Tinto created.

Should have archived that thread. Not surprised that they're acting like considering how they're Swedes.

It's disappointing how low Paradox has fallen these past few years. I've been sick of their DLC policy since EU4 and I'm glad Leviathan is getting ass-fucked like no tommorow

Victoria 2 is their magnum opus, even though it's a clunky mess and shows its age, it doesn't feel like a cash grab like the newer titles with like 20 DLC

At this point you either pirate the game or splurge on a subscription and marathon the game during times of unemployment. The vanilla experience is too bland, the modding scene lackluster, and the DLC garbage that first breaks the game and then fixes it.

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Paradox mods are great, the problem is that a new DLC will break your game in some way almost every time in some way meaning you have to wait a few days before a compatibility patch is put out.

If you want to buy a Paradox game, then wait until it's on sale at the end of it's lifecycle. For instance, one of the best parts about Victoria 2 or Hearts of Iron 3 compared to Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 4 is that since Paradox wasn't releasing anymore DLC or patches for it, there was nothing to break, so I didn't have to check support for the mods I used.

Plus Victoria 2 comes from a better era of Paradox anyway when they were at the sweet spot between "small company that doesn't have the resources to properly check for bugs" and "big company that doesn't care to check the game for bugs".

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