Parents of teen killed in crash blame US diplomat's wife, call for Trump to act - Woman claims diplomatic immunity to fly back to US, despite saying she wouldn't

Should diplomatic immunity be waived for crimes that result in death/injury or property damage?

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Even with diplomatic immunity, officials of the country you’re in can detain you if you present a danger to yourself and / or others.

Why on Earth the UK ignored that when that bitch literally killed someone and was clearly a flight risk is beyond me.

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Years ago, Readers Digest had an article -- possible as part of its That's Outrageous feature -- that highlighted all the foreign diplomats in the US that invoke diplomatic immunity for everything ranging from unpaid parking tickets to sexual assault and possibly even murder. To say the least, the article was quite the eye-opener. As someone else said earlier in the thread, diplomatic immunity is the RL equivalent to a get out of jail free card because it means the people involved can't be held accountable for their illegal conduct.

As tragic and unfortunate as the death is with condolences rightfully going to the family, it's a bit ironic for a country to ask a diplomat to waive immunity when their own diplomats would invoke it just as quickly had they committed the same crime in another country. :story:

That said, I believe the idea of global diplomatic immunity should be revisited. If not entirely eliminated, it shouldn't be permitted to be invoked for felony-level crimes such as murder. Further, I'd argue that spouses and immediate family shouldn't be extended immunity privileges either. Any other citizen is subject to a foreign country's laws. Why should they be any different?

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