Just watched it through. Nothing to see.
She now can't even eat at a table, so eats in her 'spot' on the couch,
Big AL and Thumby ordered enough food to easily feed a family of 4 or 5 people.
Claims she's never tried any of this food before - how many times does she say this about foods? Makes me wonder what the fuck she's eaten all these years to get to this size,
Playing the mental health card, yet again - Big AL says it's important. *So is personal hygiene you disgusting bitch. Perhaps if you took pride in yourself and showered daily, you would feel better about yourself? Try it, it works.
Looks dirty and disgusting. Thumby needs to take her outside and hose the filthy, smelly bitch down, like the barnyard animal she is.
Methmom was 'calling', so she stopped recording. More like the food was calling her to eat it.
Zero effort, even for AL. Give it a miss.

Pepper Jack

U Can't Gunt This
True & Honest Fan
This post brought to you by duck lips:


Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
must be roughly around 4000cal she ordered. just right for our dainty troll queen.
is she imitating chantal with her mysterious illness or do they both have the fatty flu? same symptoms at least, likely induced by too much cheese, buttered bread and ranch dressing?
she eats like the pasta and the bread needed to be punished.
what a waste of time.
I would bet hard cash her liver is peppered with globs of fat. The only person who would be happy about that, probably, is this guy - because, as we all know, fat is flavor.

"There's a hint of spice but it's not spicy.

"It's really good."


Very soon, both Zagat and Michelin are going to rush to her door to beg her to write reviews and do inspections, respectively, based on her cogent, expressive, and unique takes on the food she consumes. Her ability to detail the positives and negatives of the dining experience so the public can make informed choices is second to none.

Why'd she pick such a terrible thumbnail lmao

Watch yourself, haydur! YouTube picks her thumbnails, as we all know!

her micro expressions in the beginning ,when she talks about the weigh in, tell the story.
its all a fucking lah. she has done that all her life and is proud about it. like those eye winks, smiles etc. clearly show.
she is above the unwashed masses. still unwashed but far away from petty things like actual work or responsibility.
those micro expressions scream to us :"I 'm rich, famous and beautiful and get payed for breathing on camera. Losers."
in her head somehow she outsmarts us all.

I mean I dunno, Becky could have told Amber not to buy 2 entrées plus copious amounts of bread, or at the very least, she could have refused to partake in the feast. I wonder if Amber gets upset if she's eating and Becky isn't? *shrug* I am so out of shits to give it's hard to even be triggered enough to react to Amber's shenanigans anymore.

If you are going to gorge yourself to death, at least order something that is actually good. That pasta looked congealed and disgusting, the bread looked like a bag of hockey pucks, I don't even know what was going on with that chicken.

And she is positively enormous. If cancer and life threatening surgery can't stop you, nothing can. RIP Amber. Give death by Jen a call maybe she can give you wheelchair advice.

At least there was some variety when she was living in the house with the guys. There were occasional get together's, the dogs, a walk to the mailbox. Now there is nothing but a blank wall. This apartment has no character.

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