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Promosed 12 videos this month

Best scenario we enter pre recorded hell with lazy shit content and confusing timeline

My guess is that 12 will become 2 or 3 because of mentuls and the bitch lost most of her mobility again

** oh and yes I totally believe Beck is eating a lot and enabling because she's a fatass after all and likes food (mostly from the children's menu so no onion will ruin her day)

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Some nicer places do arancini and risotto but no place Amber would pay for. She's fine with Olive Garden and the like.
She would eat the shit out of arancini. Fried anything is her jam. She'd turn her nose up like a heathen about risotto, though, because she has neither the understanding or the care about the process that creates a sublime risotto, deserving of its own time in the spotlight.

The place was called Puccini's, and CultureLynn says nothing about the masterful opera composer Giacomo Puccini?


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"we need to accept" - bogus narratives she's trying to sell, she always tries to rope in viewers with "we".

I don't doubt the collective "we" accepts the concept of mental illnesses & the fact that a number of them can cycle. When you're mired in the throes of a bad bout of... whatever, just coping with routine 'activities of daily living' can become very difficult, if not impossible.

What most WON'T accept is years of hiding behind the excuse of mental health issues with zero genuine attempt to deal with them.

And mental health issues or not, no decent level of education, few life experiences, no adult hobbies or interests result in zero meaningful content.

12 uploads of what this month? Desultory, (by her standards), picking at shitty food? More Horrid hauls where all we see is enormous swatches of fabric taking up all the camera space?

Nope - way to much genuinely excellent content out there for me to waste any more time on her. The excellent commentary available here will be far better than the source material.

mythical mother

She looks like a smug toad who just ate it’s weight in maggots
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I’ve been trying to put my finger on what animal she resembles for a long time, and I think you’re right. A toad completely nails it. I was thinking turtle for awhile but she’s not bald headed enough yet... and there’s something about her mouth and those tiny teeth.

Honestly, toads are more attractive. At least they’re cute because they’re animals and they can’t help it that they’re weird. Amber could at least lose some weight to resemble a human body again.