pathology results & cook dinner with becky - 08/01/20 -

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Archive (360p):

New Air Fryer since she left the other at the fag shanty:
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I love how she thinks we'll all be super confused just because she was super confused, as if all of her viewers are as uneducated as she is. :story:

She says CT scan at the end of the month. Since it has just now flipped over into a new month, I guess we'll get to see if she loses any more weight between now and then.

The oncologist thinks Amber is doing great. She's healing great, everything she's doing is great.

We will not get to see her incision. Chantal wins in this regard.

Amber now knows the phrase "vaginal cuff". It will be fun to see how she ends up bastardizing this as time goes on.

"I don't even know what vlogging means anymore". We know, Amber.

Becky wants to get a PS2.

She wants us to know she has bought a lot of stuff.

Gratuitous use of the word "journey".

"One minute we had no furniture and the next minute we did. It was crazy." You'd think she's never moved before.

She hasn't worn underwear since the surgery. Or pants. Nothin'.

Kristine wanted to be on YouTube, but Amber wasn't comfortable with it, so no mukbang with MethMomma for us.
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I'll give her this much - her explanation of stage/grade for her cancer showed she understood it - or at least had the words memorized. Seriously, it sounds as though she understands where she's at.

CT scan & follow up at the end of August; no reason she can't be down 10-15 lbs. by then. Interesting that all mention of a PET scan has ceased.

Can't help but shake my head at her "having to" buy all sorts of new stuff because she left all her crap for the boys to deal with gave her stuff to the boys.

Becky is gaining weight at an almost Chantal-like pace. It was good to see she's still able to speak & prep food. I'm not being a snot - she's been through the wringer this last month & I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd come across as more zombie-like.

Final thing - 6 year old kids can be taught to give themselves their own injections & most catch on pretty quick to proper technique. It gives them a sense of pride & a feeling of 'ownership' over whatever condition requires that; usually diabetes. I'm not surprised Becky is giving Amber her shots but Amber needs to know how as some sort of emergency could prevent Becky from doing so. Now that I think about it; that's a convenient way to keep Becky on a short leash.

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I'm not surprised Becky is giving Amber her shots but Amber needs to know how as some sort of emergency could prevent Becky from doing so. Now that I think about it; that's a convenient way to keep Becky on a short leash.
Honestly.... I dont think that amberlynn can reach/see where the shot must be given on her gunt...

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Help me, my brain has died.

0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey AL. Awful chipper considering you had ‘sadface-tear’ emoji on Twitter, you twit.

0:05 ‘I forget… how to film.’ Sometimes I wish you would. You being distracted by a cushion or whatever and jump cutting to this was dumb.

0:16 Explains that she didn’t film much while her mother was there and that she really wants to get back into it. She misses that revenue and saw her end of month check reflect her lack of uploading, perhaps? Or did she just get so riled with her twitter-sperging that she needs another avenue to blast the hayyyydurs so she can escape Twitter and having her ass dragged for a while? Oh no, she says she didn’t want to vlog when her mother was there so they could spend time together. Except during her mother’s last fucking day with her, she spent the day blasting away at people on social media. Liiiiiar.

0:20 Says she’s embarrassed to vlog in front of her girlfriend. Bitch, please.

Of note, the tongue-smacking is out of this fucking world right now. If I suffered from audio epilepsy, I would be frothing at the mouth and spasming uncontrollably by now.

0:37 Yammers on and on about how she’s recreated pillow mountain on her couch. Says wherever she’s set up is where the mountain is crafted so she is comfortable recovering from her deflowering uterus removal. So…. The couch is the new mattress on the floor, is what I’m taking from this.

1:00 Now that Methmom is gone, it’s time to get into a routine. And it’s time to share the pathology reports. ‘It’s going to be confusing’ for people with brains as tiny as AL’s, with the inability to differentiate between ‘apart’ and ‘a part.’

1:31 She has been blathering for 30 fucking seconds about her being confused, and is now recounting all that has brought us up to this point. This is like a bad mid-season recap episode of a shitty show. Blah blah blah blah blah. GET ON WITH IT.

1:56 Finally gets to Stage 1B, Grade 2. ‘Bout fuckin’ time. Now she’s going on to explain that there are 3 grades and ‘Four or Five stages’ with the most dumb, confused face ever. I have felt three brain cells commit sepaku listening to her. Which is bad, considering how many have already been killed by carbonated caffeine and alcohol.

2:07 ‘That part also confuses me. That’s a lot.’ FFFF UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

2:35 As she rambles on and on about what stage 1B means, it sounds like she’s reading the information. I realize she’s not, because it’s not some YA novella about how a vampire tickled her uterus with her fangs and delighted in that monster truck of cancerous delight or some shit, but gah. She sounds almost robotic. Like she memorized what was stated, has the barest grasp on what it actually means, and is regurgitating it for the mentally retarded.

2:45 There’s the mention of the CT scan. Better start dropping’ those pounds, gorl.

245  1733.png

Great screen shot had to be shared, though.

3:05 ‘Grade three means it is super aggressive. It wants to spread as fastly and as quickly as possible’ aaaaand there goes another batch of brain cells.

3:30 So she speaks for a bit about how she was so confused by grade vs stage and why there are numbers and letters and so on and so forth. This is the woman who regularly questions the knowledge of medical professionals and accuses them of misdiagnosing her, or has pulled the ‘see, I was right! I /knew/ that /this/ was what’s wrong with me/her/everyone!’ card when she’s decided to do some self-diagnosing using Google and WebMD. I am trying not to rip out my hair in sheer frustration. DoctorLynn, I thought you KNEW all this shit, and that’s why you self-diagnose? Why you seek four or five different opinions until you receive one that you’re satisfied with because it validates what you yourself determined? FFS.

4:00 Now she’s going on and on about how her oncologist wants another CT scan ‘to look at those same lymph nodes and look around and do whatever a CT scan does’ and so on. So she’s postulating that there’s still a /chance/ of the cancer money-train still being around, so keep clicking’ for updates, gorls!! Even though it’s all been removed and she’s free and clear. Just admit that your lymph nodes are inflamed due to your disgusting lack of hygiene and continued infections, you filthy cow.

4:36 This bitch. Discussing her pathology report, ‘it could have been better, but I have to look at the positives.’ You’re free and clear, you dumb shit. That’s a great report. You just lack comprehension of what it means. It failed to spread outside of your unused baby-cave, so you’re cancer free. Is that so fucking hard to understand? Oh. Wait. Sorry, I failed to understand. She likely /wanted/ it to be worse so she could keep riding that sympathy train and collecting those asspat bux. Pass me another Diet Coke, for I obviously need it.

4:45 Going on about how she’s doing everything fucking perfect. Good job, Becky and Methmom! You’ve kept the beast’s incision clean, because fuck all knows AL ain’t doin’ that shit herself.

5:18 Says she’s way too ashamed and embarrassed ‘right now’ to show her incision, but maybe in the future. Huh, so not a hard no like we got for her laaaayyyyygs. There’s hope, you gross degenerates! You may get to see the slit!

5:35 States that during the follow-up is where they’re going to talk about possible chemotherapy or whatever.

5:45 Once more she’s talking to the ‘tards, explaining what cancer recurrence is. FFS, anyone who knows the English language under…stands… wait. Sorry. Forgot this is AL. Carry on. This is likely for your own education as well.

6:23 We get ContraditionLynn within a few seconds here - she states that it’s ‘unfortunate’ that she won’t get any updates on further cancerbux/treatment until the end of the month and that’s all for the saga for now, but then says ‘that makes me feel a little bit better’ because if her followup were immediate that might indicate issues. Make up your teeny tiny little mind, woman!

6:44 ‘But I’m going to try to vlog. I don’t even know what vlogging is anymore.’ You never have, AL.

6:54 ‘So it’s been some hours since I last talked to you guys.’ The blue pillows are gone, she has a crumpled white comforter behind her, and is sitting at a different angle. Looks very much like the same location, to be honest. But in that time, they had lunch, watched some shitty movie and Becky went to buy a PS2 (should’ve hunted for a backward compatible PS3 - they’re more awesome and more hardy. But they do cost more and more difficult to find). AL stayed behind and lounged/napped. She then blames her nap for her looks, but she looks no different than she did before, so meh.

7:32 Injection time! Get to work, Becky! These are blood thinners so she doesn’t have clots form in her mammoth legs and sending chunks to her heart. Because fuck if this wench can actually move on her own.

8:13 Complains that her stomach is bruised beyond belief.

8:26 Twinkie looks sad and pitiful. She lamely licks her arm when AL shoves it in her face, ears turned to the sides and little doggy face sad. She’s just sitting on the end of the couch… or on the end table, can’t really tell thanks to AL’s girth being in the way and me being unwilling to pause and see what the fuck the dog’s on.

9:03 Now AL is showing off some shit that Becky got her out of the Walmart margin bin. They’re from the $4.99 bin, too. The Sitter and The Lake House. More quality movies for them to binge on.

9:15 Time to go into more shit that AL has bought (aka: Becky has purchased with AL’s money). Now a Tupperware set! Ooooo! So riveting!!

9:22 She replays her retard chortle. Quality editing. Surely this is the work of a professional.

9:33 Plays with her bun, then groans that she can’t wait to shower, proclaiming that she showers every night. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH.

9:39 Asks if we’re morning shower people or night shower people. Gah.

10:15 Now she’s talking about how she’s done all this shit and didn’t vlog it because she wanted to spend time with her Methmom and didn’t want to have her on Youtube. Then says ‘she wanted to be on it!’ Wait… I thought she didn’t…? What? Is my Diet Coke actually alcohol? Did I grab the wrong can again?

10:30 Oh joy, she’s going to show us more of the shit she purchased. Because ‘this isn’t flexing, this is what happens when you move and you’ve got nothing.’ Except hordes of shit that you gave away to Goodwill and shit you left for Ricky and Eric to get rid of for you because you were too fucking lazy to move it yourself. AL, you dunce. We /saw/ it. You just wanted new shit from Target instead of your old shit from Walmart.

10:39 FFS, she got a wax melt. GAH. Planning on not fucking bathing again, you garbage pit?

10:41 And now she shows off picture frames and her Tupperware. Again.

11:14 Bitches the the lighting’s ‘perfect for living’ but not so much for being a vlogger. That’s why people who give a fuck about production quality have setups with floodlights and/or ring lights, you dunce. How many times have you been told that over the years you’ve been producing garbage-tier shit videos?

11:21 Shows off the same Tupperware AGAIN. The fuck. Why are you so obsessed with showing us the same box of fucking food storage again and again?!

11;28 ‘I would have loved to have vlogged they journey of moving in here. It was crazy.’ DC4L.exe has suffered an unexpected error.


Sorry. Back to time stamping.

11:42 She’s going on and on about how everything changed so quickly. Like she’s never moved before. And she’s prattling on as she waddles about. I have a strong urge to go to Medical and get a tube of Dramamine for future videos, but they’d likely question how the fuck I’m getting seasick while on shore and nowhere near the open ocean. I doubt the doc would understand that watching AL’s videos can have the same effects as heavy rolling waves.

11:48 At least AL is a smidge more south than Kelly - she turns off the camera after entering the bathroom so we don’t have to see her on the pot.

11:53 The thumb is opening AL’s air fryer that she ordered. Her chin is awesomely huge. AL’s hand makes an appearance for a traditional pointing.

1153  1733.png

12:05 ‘I think this is the brand? Cosori? I don’t know. We’ll have to get it out then we’ll show you.’ You just said you ordered the shittin’ thing, AL. And you don’t even know its brand? You know… I do need some beer. Now. Pardon.

And back.

12:30 AL talks about how she’s not wearing underwear or pants or anything. GAH. I need another can. Be right back.

13:16 Well, I left it running, but apparently didn’t miss much. She’s talking about it smelling like plastic and is fiddlin’ with the shit without bothering with the directions. As expected. AL has to be rescued by Becky because she’s too incompetent to remove plastic from the air fryer bin.

14:58 Oh fantastic. They’re having fajitas and potatoes or something. I dun care. Becky’s going to show us the ingredients. AL’s more excited right now than at any other part of the video, because food.

15:04 Twinkie is right at Becky’s feet looking up at her as if expecting a treat. Dog’s slightly less obese than before, but definitely still porky. She lays her ears back, gives Al the side-eye and starts the tucked-in-tail nervous wag. I’m no dog expert, but that doesn’t seem very exuberant to me.

1504  1733.png

But Twinkie’s tail goes mad when she hears the word ‘food’ from AL’s mouth. Go figure. Speak normally to the dog? Tucked tail, nervous eyes. Start mentioning food? Fully face-on attention and wild tail, going right for the hand AL lowers for a pet with her tongue already coming out. The dog expects a fucking treat. AL is nothing but Twinkie’s food dispenser, and that makes my black heart chortle with dark delight.

15:48 Wow, did they get some low quality knives. Those shittin’ things are dull as hell. I wouldn’t cook with those for fear of slicing my fingers.

16:16 Best part of the video - Rarity is out looking to play with a box laying on the floor.

1616  1733.png

Kitty needs some fucking toys, fatso!

1619  1733.png

If there isn’t some fuckin’ Kate with Cherokee Indian drums going on with this particular segment, I’m going to be sad.

16:24 For fuck’s sake. AL did none of the cooking, but now she’s pretending to be a cook by showing us how to prepare a baked potato by cutting the already cooked spud in half - in a bowl - THEN DUMPING FAJITA FIXINGS ON IT. Where the HELL does she get her food ideas?! No wonder Becky ran away before she could witness this shit-show!

16:58 And it wouldn’t be completed without a half cup of fucking cheese on top! And some mild salsa! Pardon me. My brain has died completely.


TL;DW: Consider your life fuller and more joyful for not bothering. Lipsmack.
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Becky seems to have gained back all the weight she lost and more. If she really is diabetic she really needs to be careful about that shit

Also, happy to hear the cancer isn't turning out to be terminal. Long live my favourite cow (with a big Semper Fidelis to all the medical professionals that got her through it)

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Such bullshit. She is really dragging this out. They take out lymph nodes and test them when they do the surgery. She knew probably the day after the surgery. And she knew the stage after she had a biopsy. Either that or her doctors are retards. She knows she's clear. Just wanting more asspats. So disrespectful to people who have cancer. Well, the good news is, haydurs can go back to making fun of her and I'm here for it.