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@Spectre_06 is an “Internet detective,” Nick Rekieta janny and orbiter, all around attention whore, wanna-be e-celeb, and pathological liar.

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Though a cow in his own right, Spectre’s halal and resultant thread should serve more as a cautionary tale on what NOT to do on Kiwifarms if you don’t want to be halal’d. Read and learn. The incidents are outlined in rough chronological order.

Halal Certified.png

Spectre, at various times over many years, and in various forums, has claimed to be a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Actually, the story has changed at various times from is to was, and back again. The most recent time he claimed this on Kiwifarms was in December of 2020, in which he claimed he was still in the Marine Corps Reserve.

The most famous occurrence of Spectre claiming to be an officer in the Marines was during a 2018 appearance on the Killstream. During this appearance, Spectre claimed that he has the ability to report Zoom (liar, pedophile, sociopath) to General Mattis (who, by then, would have been Secretary of Defense in the Trump Administration) for wrongdoing.

Zoom later provided a video response to Spectre, in which he showed a copy of Spectre’s DD-214 and Massachusetts ID card. These documents were posted in a Discord by Spectre in an effort to prove he was a Marine.

In response to Zoom’s video, Spectre has claimed that Zoom doesn’t have his correct name, and that there is another DD-214 that would prove he is an officer. Spectre responded to Zoom on Twitter thusly:


Two years later, he would address the issue on Kiwifarms:

Screenshot 2021-10-21 220526.png

Spectre’s defense here had gone mostly (but not entirely) unchallenged because Zoom is seen as untrustworthy by most of the site membership.

Until now...

Records recently obtained directly from the Pentagon (yes, really) on 10/04/2021 confirm that Spectre was discharged as a Lance Corporal in 2009 and basically drove vehicles. The name Patrick Michael Fahey is also correct (note the partially obscured signature which matches the one from the Zoom video), and the document is substantially similar to the one Zoom featured in his exposure video of Spectre. The FOIA request was worded in such a way to ensure there would be no omission of any records that would pertain to Spectre ever being discharged as a commissioned officer.

FOIA Cover 1.png
FOIA request 1.png
FOIA request 2.png
In addition to the main stolen valor issue, it was revealed after this thread went live that Spectre has made a number of very bizarre (and extremely improbable) claims of heroism, and other just plain weird or inconsistent claims over the past decade or so. Oftentimes he’s done this while using the Spectre_06 username. In other cases, he’s used an alternate name that has been confirmed to be his. User @I’m not a robot deserves credit for unearthing many of these. They include:
  • A claim, made in 2020 on a legal forum, that he is receiving Chapter 115 veterans benefits, as his only income, while simultaneously claiming in other forums (including this one) to be a Captain in the USMCR. The Chapter 115 benefits claim is possibly true, but the point here is it would be inconsistent with him currently serving as an officer in the military.
  • A claim that people who wanted to dox him would find him in a place surrounded by Marine guards, and that he placed a call to “a buddy in the Third Intelligence Battalion” that successfully led to all wanting to dox him being themselves doxed. Aside from the general absurdity of this claim, it should be noted that he posted this long after Spectre had been discharged from the Marine Corps.
  • A claim that if anybody wants to verify his military service, they should contact Eric Kirsch. Providing no explanation of who that is, and why anybody should contact him. It was later uncovered that Eric Kirsch was the administrator of the Guardian of Valor website (a well-known website which exposed people engaged in stolen valor. That website has been down for some time, and was down when Spectre name dropped Kirsch.
  • A claim made five years ago that he has two college degrees, and is on his way to law school (yeah, okay). UPDATED: A claim that he obtained a degree from UMass Amhurst in 2005 in Psychology, and that he obtained this degree the same week he graduated high school (at age 19!).
  • A claim that he and a Navy buddy were heroes at the Boston Marathon Bombing (read it: it’s as ridiculous as you might imagine). For an EVEN MORE ridiculous narrative by Spectre concerning this, see here. Michael Bay should hire him as a scriptwriter.
  • A claim that he deployed to Afghanistan for 6 or 7 months (no). Note that Spectre has apparently since walked this back because he later claimed on KF he never deployed.
  • A claim that he has killed two people in a civilian setting, including an incident where he saved the life of a cop who was shot by a meth head.
  • A claim that he was the product of a rape (I don’t even…)
  • An ABSOLUTELY ABSURD claim that he was assigned to a FAST Team to guard the U.S. Embassy in Israel in 2006, and there he met Vilerat, Vilerat was a moderator for the Something Awful forums, as well as EVE Online, and was killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack. Per his official records, Spectre has never held the 8152 (Marine Corps Security Force Guard) MOS qualification. This is basically him falsely claiming to have been a member of a deployed combat unit.
  • A claim that he outed Joachim Hoch for lying about being in the National Guard (in Patrick's words "of all fucking things"), while being himself stolen valor and claiming to have trained National Guardsman for a combat deployment ("of all fucking things").
Lesson to learn: Don’t be a Stolen Valor faggot. Don’t be a Stolen Valor faggot on Kiwifarms. ESPECIALLY don’t be a Stolen Valor faggot on Kiwifarms when you make little effort to clean up or obsfucate your Internet history or identity. Also, most government records are subject to public inspection, so false claims of government involvement are easily debunked and should be avoided.


The “JMK Incident” is perhaps the first real serious trouble Spectre had with Kiwifarms moderation, and earned him a thread ban on two separate occasions. It concerns an obvious faked screenshot.

Spectre submitted a video to the thread of John Michael Kelly, purporting to include a screenshot of JMK confessing to having pedophilic tendencies. The screenshot was sourced from an unknown forum (if it even ever existed), was passed to Spectre from a source he will not disclose, is not directly attributable to JMK, and is widely believed to be a product of a gay op. In short, it's fake.

After being questioned about the screenshot, Spectre then claimed he was unable to talk about it anymore because the FBI had visited his home and made him sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits him from discussing it further. He additionally claimed that he would be able to talk about it again if he filed a FOIA request with the FBI and it went unanswered after a period of time (wut?). Spectre claimed he filed such an FOIA request, and was waiting to hear back.

The implication here is that he stumbled upon something so juicy that the government had to get involved.

Spectre then proceeded to appear on the HEJAS show, and was utterly decimated by Earjuice and Heph for being unable to provide any semblance of proof of either him being visited by the FBI, or filing a FOIA request. As a result of this, he was summarily banned from JMK’s thread. This ban was lifted after a time. The below video is timestamped at the correct location.

Not content to learn from this lesson, a second threadban occurred after Spectre appeared on a livestream with PPP and brought up the fake JMK screenshot again.

Lesson to learn: If ever the victim of a gay op, the proper procedure is to admit you were gay opped. It is never acceptable to try and salvage the situation by falsely claiming you have been silenced by the U.S. government. As above, Spectre likes making claims involving the government, and (as above) these are easily debunked. Don’t do it.


On 02/12/2021 it was revealed that Spectre had falsely claimed to PPP that Teaclips’ thread had been deleted instead of being moved into Proving Grounds to cook some more. This caused headaches for Null, who was wrongly accused by several people of “simping” for Teaclips.

Note that this is a relatively minor incident in the grand scheme of things, but it did lead to Null affixing an amusing disclaimer to Spectre’s avatar, which he is not permitted to change. It also led to Null issuing a notice that “It is safe to assume anything he says about the site is wrong.”


Also note the Teaclips thread eventually went live in the Gunt subforum. It can be found here.

Lesson to learn: Do not insinuate the mods are simping for anyone. Do not piss off Null.


On 10/06/2021, Spectre posted on the Lolcow & Lolcow LLP that he had written a significant portion of a reply brief in the above titled case. This reply brief was ultimately filed in a United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. These posts were soon deleted by Spectre after receiving criticism for directly involving himself in the case. Null undeleted the posts following this thread’s creation. Since then, there has been significant debate whether Spectre’s involvement in the matter is appropriate. Items being discussed include unauthorized practice of law, lack of attorney-client confidentiality, the general competence of Spectre to perform any sort of legal writing for others, and the persistent need to brag about doing things.

Null has described the issue as “sketch.” ACTUAL attorney Nick Rekieta addressed the issue on his show, in which he suggested that Spectre may be playing in traffic.


It is difficult to concisely provide a complete history of Spectre and Ethan Ralph. At one point, Spectre was apparently a mod for the Killstream. For the purposes of this thread, Spectre has drawn the ire of the Farms by repeatedly attempting to insert himself into Ralph’s ongoing legal problems. This has predominantly taken the form of making and maintaining contact with both Matthew and Faith Vickers. Faith Vickers is currently regarded by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a crime victim in Ethan Ralph’s revenge porn case.


Yes, really. On two separate occasions while streaming, Spectre apparently went full Kurt Eichenwald. Click here to skip to the funny.


Spectre’s compulsive lying, near constant need for attention, attempts to personally attach himself to ongoing dramas that in no way personally concern him, and penchant for providing false or misleading information to the Farms, has earned him this halal.

Don’t be Spectre.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSpectreRep
Blogspot: https://spectre06.blogspot.com/ (Archive as of 10/09/21 - Appears to have been abandoned)
Current Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/spectre_06
Old Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/faheyusmc
Main Youtube (where he basically pretends he's Rekieta): https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSpectreReport
Gaming Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW_rncgfse7b_vjPYuuH3OQ
MTG Salvation Profile (BANNED!): https://www.mtgsalvation.com/members/67050-faheyusmc
RIFT Forums Profile: http://forums.riftgame.com/members/spectre_06.html
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If this halal were in Iran circa 1979 OP would be like:

My brother Kiwis! We have overpowered that demonic looking vehicle operator the American Marines foolishly posted as a guard! The embassy of the Great Satan is ours!! He was much too distracted by clout chasing, and talking to Fai Fai. May Allah continue to shine his blessed light upon the Ayatollah Nullmeini and his righteous fatwas!