Zoosadist Patrick Pauger / Sephius Rivendare - Zoosadist who rapes puppies to death


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There's an image he sent of a pair of hands showing off a dog's penis. The dog looks like his and the guy is wearing the same watch that Sephius wears. I don't think that's enough to prosecute either.

He could possibly be charged for distribution and possession of animal crush images/videos though.
Can you link/reference them?


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I don’t know the laws in Austria.
Is bestiality legal? What constitutes bestiality? Penetration by animal? Penetration by human? Does it include molestation? Does it include dead animals?
Is possessing and/or redistributing bestiality legal? (And again, do any of those photos count as bestiality)

Depending on the laws, the only thing he could be on the hook for might be distributing or creating animal abuse/torture videos (which are pretty widely illegal).
However, it can be argued with animal control/humane societies that we believe the dog he currently owns is at risk of torture, based on the videos he possesses.

I’ll look into it later when I’m off my phone.
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Well, the laws don’t elaborate on what is considered bestiality or if that includes dead animals, but Austria does consider bestiality to be a form of animal abuse.

Ҥ 38. (1) Persons who
1. contrary to § 5 inflict pain, suffering, injury or extreme anxiety on an
animal or
2. kill an animal contrary to § 6 or
3. carry out interventions on an animal contrary to § 7 or 4. violate § 8
commit an administrative offence and shall be punished by the authority by being imposed a fine of up to 7,500 euros, in case of a repeated offence up to 15,000 euros.
(2) A heavy case of cruelty to animals shall be fined with at least 2,000 euros.”

This law (anything contrary to § 5) can also prohibit people from owning animals.


I posted this archive in the megathread when this stuff first came out (no bad pictures in it, it's just text warning people about Sephius, just don't click the 'keep reading' button if you don't want to see the image s0mbra is talking about) but people have known about it for at least 11 months. Nothing happened back then, although maybe that will change now with the spotlight on this stuff.



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Does his fursuit have a hole in it or are there any other pictures? It's honestly hard to tell if he's actually being penetrated or if the dog is only humping him (I mean, it's still gross).
It just looks like the dog is mounting the side of his leg, it doesn’t appear to have an erection.

I think that if this is the only form of photographic “proof” that this guy has sex with live animals, it’s not good enough. This is about as much “proof” as a dog humping someone’s leg.

There has to be solid proof of this guy abusing dogs, somewhere.
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Lmfao. Who examines somebody and their dog to prove zoophilia? Dude's bullshitting hard.
To be fair, some vets are actually pushing for companion animal rape kits and there are guidelines for recognizing animal sexual abuse in the states, including rectal/vaginal swabs and blacklight examination (usually after a necropsy). As I understand though, this is after charges are pressed and the animal is confiscated and put down. Not sure about Europe though.

Source: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0300985816643574 (kind of an interesting read honestly)

Agreed this fucker is probably bullshitting though.


Lmfao. Who examines somebody and their dog to prove zoophilia? Dude's bullshitting hard.
I don't know what they'd investigate him for, but they could check his dog for tears in its rectum or other trauma. Many times zoophiles have been caught because their vet discovered injuries like that in a dog's vagina or rectum, and/or traces of semen.

Unless there's something I missed, he has the dog penetrate him instead of the other way around so there wouldn't be any evidence anyways.