Dramacow Patrick Sean Tomlinson / @stealthygeek - "Conservative" sci-fi author with TDS, armed "drunk with anger management issues" and terminated parental rights, actual tough guy, obese

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Kaede Did Nothing Wrong

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100%.... Someone else mentioned it but when the storm lights went on he didn't even flinch. If you were trespassing onto someone's property in dark and the lights go on wouldn't you at least look around? Cant wait for episode 5 to see just how deep a hole he dug for himself.
no, child, it was a flashlight deepthroating nazi. quietly now.

This is what happens when

You can't stop what's coming.
Was going through some old photos on my phone and this one caught my eye. Forget who it is but it's a courtroom sketch of some serial killer. Probably would have been his Twitter display picture if he lived in current year. Quietly now, child.


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Meat Target

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Pat's tranny simping continues, I wonder how his marriage is going?

View attachment 2563240

Speaking of his wife, Pat attended a baseball game with her in the middle of the day. Must be nice to be unemployed and living off fraudulent PPP loans!

View attachment 2563243View attachment 2563244

He's back to the stalker oinking today. Reminder, his name isn't Rick!

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View attachment 2563247
View attachment 2563249

Fatprick, you are whiter than sour cream. Give that Hispanic heritage jersey to someone with actual Hispanic heritage. Fucking colonizer.

Piggy Higuera

Alright, I had to register for an account because I don't want Rick to have control of this part of the narrative which I don't think the new audience has context of.

This didn't start because he "never thought Norm was funny," like he says, it's because he only said that because people were piling on to Norm because he was defending Roseanne, Louis CK, and Shane Gillis, so Ricky saw it as an opportunity to oink, have media outlets see his bloated follower count and now long-departed blue check, and think he had an important voice. Here's an article on Norm that quoted one of Rick's tweets:

So there's an anti-bullying angle here that he's too dumb and prideful to admit - he can't get an audience by writing readable fiction or performing stand-up with any humorous elements, only by bullying those more successful than him, which includes John Does #1-60. I mean just pick 60 Does from the morgue and they'll be able to write more entertainingly.

Also...where is the left-handed thing coming from? In that tough guy dropping the ammo clip video, isn't he holding the gun right-handed? I went back through the thread and tried to find it, but had to stop at the charred Beef Wellington pic, I forgot about that, peak Pat-mind about what's good enough to brag about. There was a video of him doing stand-up with a watch on his left wrist, but I don't know if that's what left-handed undesirables do to "pass".

He probably would say he's ambidextrous though, that's on brand.


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The fifth and final Fatrick interview has just dropped. This is the finale. Get in here folks!

Thanks for the link. I appended the local archives with this new audio:
Local Archive (MP3 Audio Only)
Episode 1
View attachment 2546018
Episode 2
View attachment 2546023
Episode 3
View attachment 2546025
Episode 4
View attachment 2560975
Episode 5
View attachment 2565391
Bonus Track:
Vice News interviews the ONA Forum "Mole"
View attachment 2565393

Meat Target

I'm what you call a professional
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Pat: "You have nothing to say to me."
Josiah, without skipping a beat: "you're fat".

J: "about a year ago, I asked you on Reddit..."
P: "well, no, you didn't ask me anything, because you don't get to ask questions-"
J: "Well, I did, and you answered"

I burst out laughing when Fat shouted "SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!"
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