Careercow Paul Joseph (PJ) Watson / @PrisonPlanet / Prison Planet Live / Propaganda Matrix - Alex Jones Errand Boy, Gullible Conspiratard, Pretentious Hypocrite, MGTOW Sympathizer, Putin Defense Force, (Alleged) Drunken Cokehead & Cheater


Only here for Yanderedev
Paul is an interesting fellow, if there's any perfect examples of people who bash sjws that are just as bad if not worse than sjws themselves, it's Paul
Yeah, the internet is full of people who are so blinded by hatred for people with different views that they think their own shit doesn't stink (The news board here has plenty of these cringelords) and they seek out echo chambers to "prove" it.


Autism is good but never go full autistic.
I actually hope this picks up steam and Sargon starts appearing on TV for abit just so we can see him crash and burn. Him having to answer on the national TV for the “I wouldn’t even rape you” and “White people aren’t supposed to act like this, you are acting like a bunch of niggers” and watching his try to weasel his way out is going to make me piss myself laughing.

Happy Vagineer

If they and their UK fanboys succeed at "UKIP soft coup", they'll just transform UKIP into their clique centrale a-la liberalists. Then they'll have an inevitable schism and they'll drive the whole party into the ground with them.
At a time when straight up national chauvinism is winning elections in Europe, these people making it all about high-minded ideals will be funny to watch
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