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Okay. It actually makes me so sad and angry that you thought asking us to compare our faults to yours would do fucking anything. Let alone something that would prove that you aren't as bad as we thought (?) I mean, I'm guessing because you never really explicitly stated why you wanted this.

Because you know what response you got? You got people, young and old, admitting they aren't perfect. That they are trying their best to do what they can to improve and rectify their mistakes.

And what do you do? You go around in these stupid circles and you take us along with you for no reason. We explicitly tell you what's wrong with you and you ignore it because 1) You're lazy and 2) You're afraid.

You're afraid of doctors calling you exceptional because you know that there's something wrong with you. You just reject it, and even though you're slowly starting to say you do not deny it you are still acting as though you are.

Because your flaws aren't what make you terrible, Jay. What makes you terrible is the fact that you think these people, who more than not want to honestly help you, are just as bad as you. That you honestly have the logic to think they think they're as glorious and flawless as you think you are. What makes you terrible is you can't let go of your pride and just actually listen to anybody but yourself and your fucking mother.

Fuck you, Jay. Go get your autism treated and live in a group home. You'll do the least damage there. I'm done, I'm fucking done.:alog::alog::alog:


This thing here is called a custom title.
It doesn't matter if people pat young Mr. Geis on the tushy, although it's stupid, because he's decided that (a) the forums have a single personality and all move in accord with a hive mind; (b) we are in fact the Borg and are attempting to assimilate him into our strange, morals-having lifestyles; (c) whatever people said they were ashamed of (and I should go back and rate all those posts "feels" because I saw struggling, hard-working, interesting people humbly baring their souls to whatever degree), it is at least as bad as or worse than reaching under the clothing of a child or pistol-whipping someone for entertainment. (Gently, slowly pistol-whipping them.)

And when he decides something -- to be a "meatarian," despite the fact that he is so meatless himself from this diet that he admittedly couldn't lift Amanda if he were standing right next to her -- He Has Spoken. (Like nobody here is "quirky," Jesus H. Christ. This place is top quirk.)


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So......did he leave?

Also, why should we have to explain ourselves? As a collective group of people who obviously agree, we shouldn't have to tell you our problems. We aren't broadcasting our lives, personal information, or sexual fetishs over the internet like you. Telling you our problems isnt going to make you feel better. If it does, you have to an issue. From the small amount that did answer you....we are real people who make mistakes too. Unlike you, we learn from them and those same mistakes humble us. Being humble is a good trait you should probably try to get. It will help you in the long run.

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What am I most ashamed of? I'm ashamed of the fact that while trying to deal with having a crush on one of my good friends, I acted like a fucking pervert towards her. I said all kinds of shit to her that makes me retch every time I flash back to that point in my life. I'm glad that she tolerated me through that and after getting over her, I'm closer to her than I was before. She's a true friend and the feeling is mutual.

I'm 24, Jay. I'm only 2 years older than you, but I'm pretty sure I've experienced more in the past year than you will in your whole lifetime.

I'm 27, and thing I'm most ashamed of is the fact that I went through this entire thread in at least 4 hours and confirmed that any attempts I've made in helping you, be it here or on dA, has been a waste of my time and pretty much everyone else's. You come in here crying for peace and people have been more than accommodating, yet you either played the idiot or inadvertently ignored the questions/advice they gave you like usual. You're not here for peace, you're here cause it's the biggest form of attention you're getting at the moment. The streams failed, dA is failing you, but there's this whole sub-forum dedicated to you even though it's filled with the stuff that pisses you off the most. Yet you can't resist it, it's like a zit that needs to be popped.

Do yourself a favor and leave. That's the only advice I can offer, cause you sure as shit won't listen to anything else that's been said.

Edit; Amazing, he unblocked me from dA.
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Nova Prospekt

I am so very amazed at how civil people are in this thread. For a site that's supposedly filled with evil bullies and trolls, almost everyone has been the complete opposite.

I've been lurking this thread and just hitting Agree, Winner and Like, because unlike some folks, I'm not eloquent enough to express my opinion and may just end up sounding a-loggy. Also because anything I'd like to say has been said already.

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Is the Golden Knight still back or did I miss him again?

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Holy shit what a thread, too bad I am late, but well here I go:

hi jay, I am 22 like you, and I am also an artist like you, and I am also mentally ill. However, unlike you, I have a massive inferiority complex; I am ashamed of nearly every aspect of my existence. but this isn't a pissing contest.

This isn't even funny anymore man, I feel sorry for you. Come on man, you're still young, you can turn this attitude and perspective around, its not too late.

The people of this forum are wonderful, and while some are more vicious than others, many of them point out your shortcomings and idiosyncrasies, but in every barb and jab, there is a grain of truth, and the truth hurts man. But these people man, the ones I've gotten to know are genuinely caring people and will help you get your life in order if you just trust one of us that you can relate to. Talking shit out works man, it's never too late.


You know what? I've already come clean. I want to know what you are most ashamed of about yourself.
You know Jay, I actually feel a ton of shame.
I have feelings of shame to the point where they prevent me from doing a lot of things in life that I want. Because I'd rather avoid any kind of embarrassment. I don't stick my neck out enough and am missing out on a lot as a result. That in itself I am shameful of as well.

You on the other hand I feel like have no sense of shame whatsoever.
You are making an honest fool of yourself then act boastfully proud of it. To top it off, you deny needing any kind of professional help which tells me that you...

1. Don't really believe these are issues
2. Won't actually work at improving them yourself
3. You have no sense of what is socially appropriate
4. You have autism (not actually an issue but something that you need to recognize and be aware of)

5. Will continue acting defensive here to help rationalize your behavior to yourself rather than correcting it

That's all I got. Have a nice life. :glaive:


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@The Golden Knight

I'm going to tell you a little more about my situation because my time online is running short.
I'm disabled because of my fucking work ethic. My employers took full advantage of it until it almost KILLED me. What you called unrealistic expectations at your prior job, myself and my crew would call a SLOW day. We worked manufacturing. We had to build from scratch 4X what you just had to troubleshoot in a day. What made it so hard at times was entitled snot nosed brats like yourself who wouldn't pull their weight, quit after spending a week or more training them because work is HARD. I worked full time, while going to school full time. I had no free time for anything else. The breakdown I mentioned earlier happened 6 months after I graduated and was going to school for a second degree, funnily enough in Filmmaking. I was acing my classes while working harder in a week than you have in your entire life. Then my world came crashing down. I stopped going to school and had to move back in with my former roommate who's last ditch replacement for me was a meth addict and abusive alcoholic who stole and destroyed our shit while David and I were at work. I had a damn knife under my pillow while I tried to sleep at night. I went for crisis counseling and had a fucking STROKE right there in the office and just got shit on in the emergency room sent home with ativan and that was that.
For months I could barely walk and had to learn how not to sound like a drunk when I spoke because of the damage to my facial muscles. Through all of that I worked often up to 7 days a week. I eventually opted for a layoff so I could finally recover. I thought I was ready to work again, but only lasted another year before I broke down again for the last time.
And here I am, still fighting to get my life on track.
I'll also let you in on why my time here is short. I'm tired of being a shut in. As much as I like hanging out here and other places, I've realized that I spend too much time online and have little to show for it but my posts here, a folder full of projects I want to do, more books than I could ever read, more games than I could ever play. It's time for me to cut down the internet at my apartment and do those projects and relearn the computer, creative and social skills I have lost due to circumstances.

My last words to you are as follows;

Broaden your horizons. Try anything at least once. Eat something unusual, read a book, watch a movie, or play a game you normally wouldn't. Volunteer your time somewhere. Anyone can send $20 to Wikipedia, but a real man and a hero would give his time and energy to a cause. I volunteer with the park service here, I also volunteer at a mental health clinic and do work with the lions club. Since I live in low income housing with older and often less well off people than myself, I save my cans for them to return. I help them with their computer issues so they don't get raped in the wallet by Geek Squad and their ilk. I help bring in their groceries take out their trash, whatever.

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Is the Golden Knight still back or did I miss him again?
He's been quietly skulking about dA. I'm surprised he hasn't made a new journal entry. Whenever he gets spooked he tends to retract into his little hole because he somehow thinks stuff like this will blow over or not be as bad when he sticks his head back out.

It's like when he streams and if someone says something he doesn't like he'll threaten to turn the stream off... of course he'll then also go on to wonder why he has no viewers.

NM. He made one since the last time I checked.


It's Lego Frank Mutha Fucka!
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He's been quietly skulking about dA. I'm surprised he hasn't made a new journal entry. Whenever he gets spooked he tends to retract into his little hole because he somehow thinks stuff like this will blow over or not be as bad when he sticks his head back out.

It's like when he streams and if someone says something he doesn't like he'll threaten to turn the stream off... of course he'll then also go on to wonder why he has no viewers.

NM. He made one since the last time I checked.
and he learned little to nothing as usual.

Old as balls.
I have ten years on you.

You know what? I've already come clean. I want to know what you are most ashamed of about yourself.
I've done many terrible things, and hopefully you'll never know what they are, because I choose to keep them private. I'm old enough to still be confused at your generation's proclivity for publicly sharing every thought that goes through your head. No one hacked into your email--you shared yourself with the world. Unfortunately for you, this policy has shown itself to be completely counterproductive, since while you were expecting only praise and worship, you're getting a lot of criticism and negative energy.

If you're trying to work the angle of "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," then you're just trying to escape to your fantasy world where you're not accountable for your actions. Often, people with similar problems as you can offer the best advice. This is how group therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous work. But apart from our own purity or lack of it, there are objective standards of mental and emotional health. This goes beyond being a quirky individual, and it goes beyond the personal opinions of the people on this forum. If you want to say we're all full of shit, that's fine, but in five years, when you're still living in your parents house and have continually failed to form close relationships and are no closer to your life's goals, reconsider your decisions. Ultimately, it's a lot easier to change yourself than to change the world.
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