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Pedophile acceptance on tumblr

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by Kawi6n-Er, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. I really want to know why the fuck these people come out and say this shit in public. They have to be aware that 99.99% of people are going to find it absolutely abhorrent, but no--they've got the gall to actually be shocked when people react with disgust.

    I feel bad for the yaoi fangirls and average waifu-having nerds that get lumped in with these genuine sickos just because tumblr thinks cartoons with perfect circles for eyes and anime characters with heads the size of pumpkins are somehow equal to actual human children.
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  2. No-one should feel bad for yaoi fangirls (atleast untill some actual boo-boo happens to them).
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    UnsufficentBoobage Atleast things I wanna fuck are 3D

  3. If they take things too far by doing shit like creeping on actors irl, then sure. But I'm pretty sure most of them are just teenage girls and young women being attracted to fictional men. Some are probably too socially awkward/fat/ugly to get a date, or they could genuinely have anxiety about other people. In the end, they're about as average and commonplace as dudes watching lesbian porn. Hell, they're so common and predictable--and so ingrained in the culture surrounding anime--that they don't even have entertainment value anymore. Most are bottom-tier cringe at best.

    Sorry, but nerds drooling over animu don't deserve to be compared to gross sacks of shit that want to fuck toddlers.
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  4. I did some lurking on that ask a MAP tumblr.

    People with POCD aren't pedophiles. That's Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and terrifying thoughts that a person might be or could turn into a pedophile. It's the same as sufferers who worry they could murder someone, or a religious OCD sufferer worried they hate Jesus. OCD is like a live-in bully that picks the worst thing a particular person is scared of becoming and torments them with it.

    But wait, the 'MAP' community lumps this in with actual pedophilia now? People with disturbing thought OCD do constant checking to reassure themselves. If they stumble upon "Yes, you might become a murderer!" or "Congratulations, you really are a pedophile!" they are liable to either curl into more of a blubbering ball, or, at worst, kill themselves. Enjoy a few possible suicides on your conscience, Professor Ass-For-Brains.

    Every of these AMAs from a 'minor' is a fake, I'm sure of it. I fail to see even a 16-year-old typing so eloquently, much less giving two shits enough about this to write in and ass-pat the pedo. I suspect there a lot of adult 'MAPS' who want to promote the idea that "See, your kids can be into this, too!"

    John Smith is dangerous, just like the rest of these 'MAPS.'
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    UnclePhil Getting older in a changing, frightening world.

  5. Yeah that really is grotesque. Recently I did some mentoring and coaching for a high school business class. I can tell you, this generation would surprise! They’re not all like they whiny entitled cucks and cunts of the twenty-nothing set. A lot of these kids can hold adult conversations and shock you...

    NOW, with that being said, ain’t no damn teen is going to defend a kidfucker, when chances are they know at least someone at school who was or is being abused. And if really were a kid, it would be more along the lines of:
    “I’m 14 and my boyfriend takes me out to dinner at Olive Garden. He buys me clothes, he gets me booze and smokes, and we party in hotels all the time. He’s 31 and I love him and he loves me!”
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    DanimalTheTranimal My pronouns are It, cocksucker, and thing

  6. I don't know how reliable their source is, but someone found a link to a site where they apparently proved that the whole "heartprogress" thing was actually made up by a bunch of alt-right trolls:


    So, now I'm not sure how seriously to take some of these "maps". Are they trolls, or are some of them genuine? Did some of them maybe see the heartprogress thing and think it was real, and thus felt comfortable being public about being pedos?

    I mean, I feel a little reassured that the worst ones are probably trolls, but some of them might be serious, and I still can't wrap my brain around anyone thinking it was a good idea to admit to being a pedo on social media.
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  7. People make a thing as a joke, and then other, stupider people take it seriously and make it a thing. Like Meninists.
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  8. 718CFDDD-ACC4-483F-8028-246BA5BA1E70.png
    Can they, though? If your attraction to kiddies is that serious that you need to start seeking acceptance online, aren’t you one locker room at the YMCA encounter away from touching a little one?
    This shit isn’t AA. You don’t get a sponsor to stop you from molesting. If you’re at this level, I highly doubt you’d be in control for very much longer.
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    DanimalTheTranimal My pronouns are It, cocksucker, and thing

  9. Sponsor? Sponsor what, their therapy? THAT I could see. Otherwise, fuck that shit.
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    Mrs Paul

    Mrs Paul Yinzer Kiwi

  10. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  11. tumblr_inline_o4pvsuZ5JA1stilpx_540.jpg

    Haram A F.
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    A Sign

    A Sign Cool story bro, tell it again.

  12. When you want to molest kids but it's okay because you put a trigger warning.
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  13. Emphasis mine.

    Anyway, these things generally follow a pattern. You must be familiar with previous troll ops: freebleeding, the "OK" hate symbol, et cetera.

    In all of these cases, the pattern is the same:
    • Trolls pick up on a disturbing trend. In this case, paedophile acceptance
    • Trolls plausibly roleplay as visible examples of the trend
    • As visibility increases, more people come out of the woodwork to identify with and validate the trend; exposing their idiocy and/or degeneracy.
    It only takes a small number of plausible, visible trolls to start a snowball effect. I would hazard the opinion that the vast, vast majority of these people are serious. And because the trolls rely on creating an aura of plausibility to maintain the ruse, I would guess that the more extreme examples have a better chance of being real than you would like to think.
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    Real_Liberian a real liberian

  14. "The bell rang?" Was he just hiding in a corner in a random middle school?
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    Got2Hands Beginning to bloosom.

  15. He just hangs out in the supply closets of local schools on the off chance some poor kid needs to borrow something.
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    Piga Dgrifm

    Piga Dgrifm Serial Proxy Murderer
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  16. Yeah, you're probably right. Especially after reading a bit of that disturbing pair of screencaps up there, these sick fucks are probably serious. At the very least, them being idiotic enough to admit to it in public is like a big warning light for everyone else to see.
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  17. (edit: I realize this thread may as well be paused or dead, but hey, it caught my attention.)

    I don't know about the rest of this thread (lemme catch up on the 2389573894 other threads I'm reading), but as someone who had a breakdown in early 2017 because of how Tumblr's culture treats their black-and-white nature regarding almost everything "problematic" under the sun, I sought shelter in the anti community (at least the side that was very anti-pedophiles-on-the-site, etc.) - and while it's great that a lot of people have a lot to say about wanting them gone, I really did not appreciate their behavior regarding soooo many other things (kids younger than 14 years older trying to tell adults that they weren't allowed to be into BDSM or things like that). But that's tumblr, isn't it?

    I feel like it's that particular behavior, especially since it's coming from kids, that spawned trolls of pedo blogs just to annoy others, along with dd/lg blogs going out of their way to put explicit shit in their faces. I'm no longer surprised.

    Anyway, the amount of accounts and shitty secrets I was exposed to during that brief stint alongside that community was staggering. The fact that the site was actually crawling with pedophiles / "MAPs" as if a rock was lifted and all these little roaches skittered out.
    • I learned what "cryptopedophilic" content was, and that there were hundreds of blogs dedicated to it posing as "young fashion" blogs.
    • I learned that the MAP community was/is manipulating people struggling with POCD to make them believe they were, in fact, pedophiles and that they're normal and don't need any help because their urges are "beautiful".
    • I learned that MAP accounts were communicating with minors and convincing them that they were either MAPs/pedos themselves.
      • One small case would be a 13-year-old who believed that liking other 13-year-olds made them a pedophile, I can't make that up but I wish I was. Last I heard is that they finally got away from the people manipulating them and cut that shit out.
      • Another was some teenager being convinced that they were a pedo, told to accept it, and this was only word of mouth - but eventually persuaded to abuse their own younger siblings.
    • I watched the anti community doxx an infamous pedophile and further them leaving the site (which is considered a win).
    Because all the anti-community did was tell people / pedophiles to kill themselves, doxx them, blow that information up - those accounts were always reported and terminated (what a surprise). Trolls emerged sure, but so did MAPs posing as minors so they could join discord chats with other minors and leak their personal information to other MAPs on tumblr. All I know is this lead to quite a bit of panic and the discord server to be completely deleted and started over.

    I genuinely don't feel like going back through old blogs and tags to find those sort of receipts, so I guess all you can do is either believe all this chaos or not.

    I've long since left that sort of searching and spelunking behind me because it doesn't help my own anxiety and OCD recovery process. I certainly don't recommend that sort of exposure therapy, but at the same time, it - like reading about the horrowcows on kiwifarms - reminds me I am nowhere near the bad person my OCD believes me to be.

    Overall, it's a little tiring to just see pedophilia so ~normalized~ on tumblr to the point where that one guy from Glee was being defended just because they liked him on the show. A few people were convinced he was framed or whatever. So, you know, whatever. It's all burning down.

    On that note: Does anybody remember that one site (WritScrib?) that wanted to be like Tumblr, but stating they wouldn't allowed pedophiles - but would allowed simulated child pornography (or whatever you'd like to call media works containing kid-fuckin') so long as it was under the appropriate tags? Because it's all just so normal.

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  18. A lot of more extreme people under the "Anti" label are usually victims of pedophilia or some type of CSA themselves... which, oddly enough, is sometimes a pattern with self-proclaimed "MAPS" on Tumblr. The only difference is that Antis are trying to recover, and do not want to subject anyone else to that type of thing; something pedophiles are fine with, apparently, because they don't realize that it's genuinely damaging to a young child. Or they've just deluded themselves so much they think it's a good thing, and what they went through was normal.
    The younger portion of Antis - who are still minors - don't realize that interacting with adults can set them up for something bad, since they're the ones seeking it out. They think they're being heroes about it, and fighting their own battles.

    I understand the OCD though, so Semper Fi to you for putting up with that nonsense (diving into the Anti community while dealing with those thoughts), and may your recovery go well :feels:
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    Sylvie Paula Paula

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  19. What did Anti's seriously expect to happen when they created a group full of kids who intentionally seek out pedos and made harassing users part of their online identity and use sites like discord where you don't have to confirm anything? Anti's are so stupid.
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    A.Shitposter Citizen of Neo-Kiwifarms

  20. I was proud of a lot of the younger ones taking charge of their own recovery, but I don't think they should have been getting lumped into the drama surrounding what a lot of antis do on tumblr. I know they're the reason I have some internalized opinions and loathing towards groups that otherwise don't matter to me (pedophiles excluded) and that's exactly why I immediately began to distance myself when the death threats and doxxing starting.

    While I did enjoy some of the craziness that happened - it was mostly a mess.

    (Also thank you for kind words.)
    I wouldn't call them stupid. They're young and don't know certain things about how the adult life works, especially when it comes to dealing with bad people / criminals / etc. The app Discord does and can keep a group quiet, but it all comes down to trust or suspicion when allowing a new member into a group when they can only give you so much information. It's good that they are able to be banned from a group based on email address, but nothing is stopping them from creating a new account and diving back in.

    What they need to do is - not what they're already doing. Not trying to intervene with the insanity that is tumblr allowing pedophiles to prowl. But, on the other hand, it's not like anyone else is taking care of it. Yes, some antis are pretty damn stupid with how they do things, but as Sylvie said, many of them are victims themselves, children, and as children, they still need to learn a lot.

    Some of them are too young to ask for therapy, or live in households that won't let them speak, believe them, etc. Sometimes they don't know how to ask or, hell, they're way too deep in their own smug self-satisfaction of believing that harassing adults online that they don't realize they even need help. Their actions, no matter how superior they believe they are, have consequences. But... Who honestly knows.
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