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Cosplay Pele Whitney / Bonbonchuu / Lilaflan / Puddingkanin"smol" and "cute", Wannabe Loli Snowflake

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, Apr 7, 2016.

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    glutenfreebooty Scourge of the Girth

  1. Time for some cosplay sperging.

    I like how she claims she can't afford to do much beyond casual cosplay yet she seems to have a decent variety of wigs, and said wigs don't look like shit-tier quality. The place I get my wigs from is generally $30 for just a plain, straight-haired short wig, and the price goes up from there if there's any sort of pre-styling (abundance of curls, pigtails, etc), or it's extra if you need to buy clip-in accessories (buns, pigtails of varying styles and lengths, bangs), wefts, or what have you. That long blue wig she has? I could easily see that one being $65, assuming it's decent quality (which from behind it looks like it is, but I obviously can't see everything so not 100% certain).

    It may not seem like much on it's own but with the number of wigs she has the total adds up fast.

    Then there's the contacts. I don't know where she gets her contacts from but those generally start at $20 and go up in price depending on complexity, color/style, etc. Again, it can add up fast.

    There are places online that sell pre-made cosplays and lolita outfits, there are some shoddy rip-offs but there are also some really good shops that sell well-made, decent-looking cosplays for pretty cheap, that are a great resource for people who aren't interested in the competition circuit/are unable to work a sewing machine. Some of the good cosplays for sale can be as cheap as $60 if we're talking about a basic school girl uniform; one of the places that comes to mind even does custom measurements (at no extra cost) when they made it, so you can ensure a perfect fit. I know a lot less about the whole lolita thing aside from the fact they tend to be batshit fucking insane but I do know from a former acquaintance that there's good places to get lolita pieces on the cheap.

    tl;dr she bitches about not having much money, actually spends a fair bit of it, could probably easily buy cosplay instead of bitching about people hating on her for doing casual a lot. assuming people don't send her these accessories as gifts, that is.
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    Soccer Hooligan

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  2. Digging through 70% catty commentary in the PULL thread for content[​IMG] as for the link
    Idk why diaperloli hates it, I personally give it a B+[​IMG]
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    Gary Smith

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  3. She definitely has a lot of potential as a Dramacow or even Skitzocow later on down the line. She maybe in a formative process currently, but I can see this blossoming into something far more funny than it currently is.
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    Pepsi-Cola Fuck Cumrobbery!

  4. They all look the same after heavily photo-shopping their faces.
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    Sanic 4 the sped u ned
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  5. Oh, that poor girl is way too thin. Jesus Christ, look at her legs. Eat a sandwich or something, goddamn.

    At first I felt that this girl wasn't a lolcow, but I think she has potential now that I've seen a bit more from her.
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    Lurker click clack click clack
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  6. Apparently bonbonchuu is trying to start their own liquid saga in order to get sympathy


    They found the impostor quite quickly


    Lotsa cattiness in her content


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    #47 yawning sneasel, Apr 9, 2016
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel BEST IN THE WORLD
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  7. The lolita scene is just plain cattiness.
    It seems to me that someone (PULL weenettes?) is trying to squeeze tard cum out of a stone.
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  8. She claims to be 5'5" and 109 lbs.
    That's pretty underweight.
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  9. Definitely seems so. She actually thought it would be a good idea to talk to her "haters" about why they "hate".

    They went to PULL and it started on page 60 and ends on page 72


    Here is how she enters...



    Then she gets doxed...


    Then she leaves

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    #50 yawning sneasel, Apr 9, 2016
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel BEST IN THE WORLD
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  10. God her nose stands out
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    Anime-Chan Kawaii thug
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  11. Haha! What a edgy little spitfire, huh?

    I'll wager this goofy weeb spooge-doll has not ran into any educated critique of her monstrous ego and "meh" appearance.
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    Curt Sibling

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  12. Does what she does really count as cosplay? It just looks like she's a weeb who spends her NEETbux on lolita dresses instead of food. Jesus, she looks extremely unhealthy and her face is so thin she looks like a space alien. I bet @Internet War Criminal would hit it though.
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    Flowers For Sonichu

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  13. If those are actual characters then yes, but for the life of me I can't tell what a single one is. It honestly just looks like she doesn't know what lolita is and said "It's cosplay lol".
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    clowney Wielder of "Hliterist Magic"

  14. Because, if you break it down, she is dressing like a sex-object. A scary lolita-doll-like sex-object, but an sex-object nonetheless.
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    Von Clausewitz

    Von Clausewitz Get Mett!

  15. Was it her narcissism or depression that she self-diagnosed? Because those responses genuinely look like narcissistic defence and abuse.

    The thirst is real.
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    Kerfuffle a horrid sight, the blackest gnome

  16. The thread is a gorgeous clusterfuck on PULL. Sh also addresses it elsewhere online IIRC. I don't recall the specifics, however I believe I saw them in there.
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel BEST IN THE WORLD
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  17. This is some trash tier anime bullshit.

    I hope she ODs on lead based cosmetics.
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    KingGeedorah The Monster From Planet X

  18. ill shamefully admit shes sort of cute but fuck me is the cosplay community in general this kind of vicious?
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    Jerkop In Training

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  19. The lolita/kawaii community is pure undiluted cattiness.

    Honestly this girl's looks don't mean anything when her personality is so rotten.
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    Fiddleford dick specialist

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