Cosplay Pele Whitney / Bonbonchuu / Lilaflan / Puddingkanin"smol" and "cute", Wannabe Loli Snowflake

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. Tbh if i met her in person and didn't know who she was I'd probably try to talk to her until i notice how her personality is shit
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  2. Some of them are definitely anime characters. I don't know how many of them because a bunch of her stuff isn't based on anything.
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  3. Coslayers who want to wear lolita are the worst because they never actually understand what it is.
    Also the way she does her eye makeup looks gross.
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    kittie gone
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  4. For fuck's sake, people, post more actual lolcow-worthy shit she's done. I shouldn't have to go to page three before I start seeing content.

    We need more of that shit here, then. Right now this thread reads like a battery of in-jokes. I don't want to have to lock this thread but we're approaching that point.
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    #65 Jaimas, Apr 9, 2016
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  5. Any posts that consist purely of whether a user would fuck her will be deleted from here on. No one cares.

    This is a real borderline cow and highlights the difference between our focus and pull's. If this thread is to work I'd recommend focussing on histrionic attention seeking and laughably bad cosplay.

    Try and avoid sounding like a jealous fat bitch or a thirsty cuck.

    Edit: ninja'd by @Jaimas. Great minds eh?
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  6. Well, cosplay in this form is really just modeling, and as is public knowledge by now, most people who genuinely aspire to be models are narcissistic to some capacity, which leads to this kind of constant self-defensive behavior that is common in lolcows of this nature.
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    Pepsi-Cola Fuck Cumrobbery!
  7. I found these photos on her instagram.

    I think what she was going for was to be "funny" and "cute" but it did not come off that way to me. Also, the last one looks like she's about to sneeze.
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  8. I dunno why people are arguing on the semantics of whether or not a cow is fuckable or whatever, what matters is that this chick is a narcissistic piece of shit and we're all here to laugh at her right? I mean Joseph Stalin was a handsome, Johnny Depp looking motherfucker when he was younger, doesn't make him any less of a murderous dictator.
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    Dr. Tran

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  9. I love cosplay cows because users here who are also cosplay cows try to desperately trollshshield and make spergy young girls into some kind of horrible monster :story:
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  10. Holy fuck, PULL and /cgl/ are some of the cattiest, needlessly drama-ridden places on the entire Internet.
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    RepQuest Unfunny
  11. Bonbonchuu sonichu coincidence?

    i think not!
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  12. Someone from PULL will be stopping by to drop some information on this cow later. I already took away plenty from our conversation in Chatango.

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  13. Ok, so I'm still wading through a lot of pages of nonsense, but here are some fun screenies to tide you rabid animals over.
    Sorry if you've seen them before.













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  14. Just because someone is a narcissist doesn't make them a lolcow necessarily, a lot of this thread seems to be highschool level cattiness on social media and people getting mad about someone saying they were the cutest for some reason.

    Maybe I am missing something but this seems pretty run of the mill Japanese fashion community behavior?
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  15. Yeah, the biggest thing I'm getting from her is that she's narcissistic. She really hasn't done anything else that stupid or outrageous.
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  16. and then everyone stood up and applauded
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  17. I did on the last page.

    No clue why you're calling me out for encouraging people to go look for shit over there as well.
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    yawning sneasel

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  18. Every time she insists that people who are giving her valid criticisms are jealous just grates on my nerves a tad.

    It's so obvious that she's incredibly insecure that she needs to insist that everyone else is just jealous of her looks, when in reality she's average-looking at best without caked on makeup and wigs.
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  19. this is what happens when you don't screenshot. She is watching this thread.

    Archive everything.
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