Penguin Random House is Publishing Wattpad Books

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Someone in a Tree

It's the ripple, not the sea that is happening
May 25, 2013
One of us Kiwis gotta infiltrate a SJW circle and publish a memoir of that experience. Woke Like Me.


Sucka MC
Mar 11, 2017
Damn I should get in on this. I can write generic mediocracy.

Expect more of this to happen anyway, commercializing and popularizing web serials is a lucrative endeavor. There's definitely a selling point. Due to the unique circumstances of China and Korea they were quickly inundated in net writers via Japan, and in each country the actual market for web fiction is as large as or larger than their actual print industry. Wattpad's own reach is still embarrassingly tiny compared to something like Qidian, which traffics page-clicks in the billions.
There's a lot of good fiction on sites like Wattpad and Royalroad, but the problem is that most of the actual good shit gets self-published on Amazon. Not only do you get better margins, but you have full rights to your work. Which is why if Wattpad wants to publish their own shit, it's going to be a lot of gay wizards from here on out.
God bless the luls.

And learn Chinese.