UN PENIS PARASITE British man, 32, nearly died after parasite crawled up his penis and laids eggs as he swam in lake on Africa holiday -


There's this trash tv show called 90-day fiance (judge away) and one of the dudes in it was a laughing stock for having a "penis coat" (a condom) that a doctor recommended to him because he was worried about parasites crawling into his urethra in Brazil.
You know what? I'm not laughing anymore.
That show is a true pleasure to watch. So many potential lolcows

Oskar Dirlewanger

SS-Oberführer of 36th Waffen Grenadier Division
I thought that this parasite is exclusive to Amazonia, but turns out these are two different things and Amazonia has a fish that crawls into your dick and Africa has a worm that does the same thing. Go to shithole countries and win shithole prizes I guess. The only reason to go to countries like that should be to rape and conquer, "travelling" is for faggots.


رنج آمریکایی ها
True & Honest Fan
Only an idiot would have a vacation in Africa. He got what he deserved.
North Africa, East Africa, there are many very nice places to visit and the women are very beautiful.

Malawi though, I do not understand. Why not just go on package tour to Democratic Republic of Congo while you are at it?


Just a Gigabit Drifter
As a kid, I saw the movie Sniper starring Tom Berneger.

In that movie, Tom and a rookie have to go through a river in a tropical country.
He says to the rookie:
"Don't piss or the bugs will swim up your dick".
One of the best pieces of advice from any movie I've ever seen.
I learned that shit from Welcome to the Jungle (The Rundown for Americans).
welcome to the jungle poster.jpg

Dont fucking piss in third world countries, hold you bladder until you back to civilization.

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