People posting their own "witty" comments -

Jolly Copulation

An undead favorite.
Why is his comment even noteworthy? "People with turtle avatars know how to use google! Get owned, LMAO!"

I don't know which is more stupefying, the validation-whoring comment itself or the fact someone thought it was worth showing off here.
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Premature ejaculator
Social media creates narcissists. More news at 11.
More news at 11, water is wet, fire is hot, people die when they are killed and americans will keep cucking to big bussiness even if it runs opposite to their own personal interests.

Those are some stock phrases to use as well to make epic wins.
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Homoerotic Cougar-kun

Because on the internet l'esprit de l'escalier basically doesn't exist, due to the slightly-delayed nature of internet commenting most of the time

meaning everyone always has the witty quip right at hand even when they actually don't, and thus they think they're fucking witty geniuses

also retards obsessed with "the own" and "gotcha" shit instead of constructive conversation